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What's a Smart human body sensor working ? The Smart human body sensor can sense whether there are people or no people moving in a certain area in real time. When a person walks into the monitoring range of the sensor, the human body sensor will be triggered (someone) and then linked with other intelligent devices, such as the most common light on. When people go out of the monitoring range of the sensor and no one moves within the set time, the human body sensor is triggered (unmanned) to link with other intelligent devices, such as turning off the most common lights. The product can be widely used in various scenarios, such as security protection, intrusion monitoring, intelligent linkage IPC, lights, switches, sockets, household appliances, etc.

The smart door magnet alarm can perceive the opening and closing state of doors, windows and other opening and closing objects in real time, which is a good news for obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is always worried about whether the doors and windows at home are relevant? Take out your mobile phone at a glance. Door and window magnetic sensors are widely used in various scenarios, whether it is a family door, window, refrigerator, safe, or a store door, items requiring safe transportation, or isolation monitoring during the epidemic.

The smart water immersion sensor can sense the water leakage and immersion in real time, and view the water immersion status data anytime and anywhere. Water immersion sensors are widely used in various scenarios, whether it is the potential water leakage failure scenarios of domestic appliances such as water pumps, water pipes, sinks, water tanks, fish tanks, washing machines, air conditioners, radiators, refrigerators, water heaters, or the realization of safety protection through environmental monitoring of specific items, such as sanitary rooms, kitchens, balconies, lockers, warehouses, shops, machine rooms, banks, workshops, breeding farms, etc. will benefit from the monitoring of water immersion sensors.

The temperature and humidity sensor can sense the ambient temperature and humidity in real time, view the temperature and humidity data anytime and anywhere, and collect the temperature and humidity through the temperature and humidity sensor, which can not only realize the indicator monitoring, but also achieve diversified intelligent scene linkage. With the app, users can view device data anytime, anywhere, and regularly check the battery power. When the battery is dead, users can push messages to inform them, which is convenient and fast.

The intelligent brightness sensor can sense the ambient brightness in real time and view the brightness data anytime and anywhere. Brightness is widely used in various lighting related scenes. Whether it is comfortable life, such as baby rooms and living rooms, or commercial lighting, such as office buildings, exhibition halls, hotels, classrooms, libraries, shopping malls, supermarkets, banks, hospitals, factory workshops, warehouses, animal husbandry incubators, planting greenhouses, etc., it will benefit from the digital monitoring of brightness.

Smart smoke detection alarm is a common fire alarm device, which can be installed and used immediately without worrying about wiring problems. It uses super long life battery/dry battery for power supply, app alarm information push, ceiling mounted simple installation, and there is also an ultra-high sounding horn buzzer alarm on site. It is convenient for daily maintenance. It can accurately sense the smoke generated by the fire in the early stage of the fire, and quickly warn people. It is generally installed in homes, Internet cafes, nursing homes and other places for smoke detection, which can realize independent detection, independent alarm, intelligent alarm and linkage control of intelligent valve manipulators.

Gas alarm is a gas leakage detection alarm instrument. When combustible or toxic gas leaks in the industrial environment, and the gas alarm detects that the gas concentration reaches the critical point set by the explosion or poisoning alarm, the alarm will send out an alarm signal to remind the work to take safety measures, and drive the exhaust, cut-off and spraying systems to prevent explosion, fire and poisoning accidents, so as to ensure safe production.