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Smart Fire Protection

Build a safe and smart city, and build a technology enabled smart fire protection system, open up the information islands among systems, and improve the perception and early warning capabilities and emergency command intelligence capabilities.

Smoke Detector
Gas Sensor
Co Alarm
Smoke &Co Alarm
Industrial Gas Detector
Gas Valve Manipulator

The smart smoke detection alarm is a common fire alarm device, which can accurately sense the smoke generated by the fire in the early stage of the fire and quickly warn people. It is generally installed in homes, Internet cafes, nursing homes and other places for smoke detection. The intelligent smoke detector is generally powered by dry battery and does not need to be connected with the fire alarm controller. It is easy to install and use and can realize independent detection and alarm.

The smart gas alarm is a kind of gas alarm using artificial intelligence technology. When the gas concentration in the air exceeds the set value, it can send out audible and visual alarm signals, linkage related valves, exhaust and other equipment actions, and push the alarm information to the user terminal through the cloud platform, so that even if the user is not at home, he can know the information in time, which is very convenient.

The household carbon monoxide alarm is a detection device installed in the indoor home to detect the concentration of carbon monoxide in the air. When the concentration of carbon monoxide in the indoor home air reaches a certain value standard, it will immediately alarm and give an audible and visual alarm to remind users. When the concentration of carbon monoxide reaches a certain value, it will cause strong harm. If a carbon monoxide alarm is installed before this, many accidents due to carbon monoxide leakage will be reduced.

The composite carbon monoxide smoke detector is a composite sensor composed of photoelectric smoke detector and electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor, which can detect smoke and carbon monoxide at the same time. With LCD, carbon monoxide concentration can be displayed. Good response to visible smoke generated by slow smoldering or open burning. It is applicable to smoke monitoring in hotels, office buildings, teaching buildings, banks, libraries, computer rooms, etc

Industrial gas detector is an industrial gas detector. It is designed to be explosion-proof and safe, and is used to detect flammable and explosive gases in industrial environments. It is generally suitable for installation in Zone 1 and Zone 2 of hazardous areas. Industrial combustible gas detector is superior to civil combustible gas detector in function. Generally, industrial instruments will have their own independent display screen, which can display the current combustible gas concentration.

The smart manipulator is designed to be used for household gas valves. With the gas alarm, it can close the valve by itself in case of gas leakage, rather than the traditional alarm function. If there are elderly people in the family, it can automatically close the gas without turning off the fire with the human body sensor, effectively reducing a series of losses caused by forgetting to turn off the fire. The valve used for waterway can realize remote and timing switch, and with the water leakage sensor, it can automatically close the switch when detecting water leakage in the home, effectively preventing economic losses caused by water leakage.