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Smart switch refers to the control unit that uses the combination and programming of control board and electronic components to realize intelligent circuit switch. Directly replace the traditional switch, without adding zero lines and changing wiring, so that ordinary lights can be turned into intelligent lights in seconds, so that you can easily turn off the lights remotely when you go out, turn on the lights automatically when you go home, turn on the lights regularly at night, and turn off the lights by voice before going to bed, which will light up a better life for you.
Using WIFI, WIFI+Bluetooth, Zigbee 3.0, RF433 communication methods, the equipment can not only achieve linkage, but also be separated from the gateway to achieve interconnection between wireless devices.

Smart socket is a socket that can save electricity. It is mainly controlled by remote control and timing, so that the original intelligent household appliances can be controlled by remote control and timing switch. It can also remotely control the air conditioners, water heaters, electric lights and other electrical appliances. When we have not arrived home, the indoor air conditioners can be turned on, the water heaters can be burned, and we can go home to wash. It is mainly divided into metering sockets, timing sockets, remote control sockets, etc. It is an intelligent socket solution integrating Wi Fi networking functions and APP remote control. It supports APP intelligent control, cycle timing, random timing, child lock and other functions, as well as American, British, German, and legal regulations. It is widely used in TV sets, computers, air conditioners, humidifiers, drinking fountains, lighting lamps, chargers and other household appliances and office equipment that need to be powered on and off at regular intervals.

The on-off device is applicable to the intelligent transformation and upgrading of traditional electrical appliances. The product is small in size and suitable for concealed installation of cassettes. It does not need to replace the original switches/sockets/lamps/appliances, and does not change the original home decoration style. The home appliances become smart every second. It supports the modification of dual control switch, with rich timing functions, to provide convenience for your life. Diversified product forms: lamp control, switch, socket, curtain, dimming, fan, etc., to meet various family needs.

Smart plug(power strips) is a smart socket that integrates the functions of safety protection, USB fast charging, electricity metering, etc. It adopts wireless communication technology and relay on-off principle to realize the intelligent transformation of multi-channel independent control, mainly through remote control and timing control, so that the original intelligent household appliances can be remotely controlled and timed. It can also remotely control the air conditioner, water heater, electric light and other electrical appliances. When we have not arrived home, the indoor air conditioner can be turned on, the water heater can be burned, and we can go home to wash. It can be used for indoor and outdoor scenes, instead of traditional seating arrangement, to achieve remote control, timing and countdown of scenes. The standardized intelligent scheme greatly saves the development cost, improves the development efficiency, and achieves rapid mass production and shipment.

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Traditional garage door motor has high unit price, high intelligent cost and high installation cost. In order to solve this pain point, a lightweight retrofit program was launched specifically for the intelligent upgrading of traditional garage door motors. The garage door controller is applicable to the garage door motor control in most scenes, supports Wi Fi and Bluetooth distribution networks, and supports Bluetooth control. At the same time, it supports door opening and closing operation time setting, long door opening alarm time setting and three-way voice control. The status change of the garage door will be prompted by APP message push in real time.

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