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Smart Gateways

Multiple protocols covered, supports mainstream communication protocols such as Wi Fi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth mesh, Zigbee, applicable to more IoT scenarios.

ZigBee Gateway
Bluetooth Gateway
Multi-mode Gateway
Multi-function Gateway
WIFI Gateway

Zigbee gateway is the core device of Zigbee network. Zigbee devices are added to the network through the gateway to achieve communication with other devices. The gateway connects to the router through network cable/wireless to achieve communication with the cloud and mobile phone App. Zigbee devices can be viewed and controlled through the App. ZigBee gateway is the heart of home intelligence. It can realize system information collection, information input, information output, centralized control, remote control, linkage control and other functions, so as to control household appliances, such as smart switches, smart TVs, smart curtains and other smart home products.

Bluetooth gateway is a gateway device integrating Bluetooth BLE, WiFi and Ethernet. Bluetooth BLE and WiFi communicate through serial port, which can be flexibly applied to various IoT scenarios. Bluetooth gateway is an intelligent device (such as bedside lamp) that supports both wifi and bluetooth. Bluetooth sub device is an intelligent hardware (such as bluetooth hygrometer) that only supports bluetooth connection. Connect the bluetooth gateway through the bluetooth sub device, and the bluetooth gateway transmits data through iterative connection methods such as connecting wifi (Internet), so that you can remotely view the status from the mobile terminal and set the intelligent automatic linkage function.

The multi-mode gateway supports the multi protocol communication of Wi Fi+Ethernet+Bluetooth+Zigbee. The gateway communicates with the cloud and mobile phone through Wi Fi or Ethernet. The connected Zigbee and Bluetooth devices (Mesh&Ble) can be viewed and remotely controlled through the app. Users can add devices, reset devices, third-party control and sub device group control. The device has the audible and visual alarm capability and has been connected to smart security SaaS to meet the requirements of smart homes Intelligent security and other application scenarios.

Multi function gateway is used to connect and control various intelligent monitoring terminal devices/intelligent sensors, and create and manage various intelligent monitoring scenarios through the client. At the same time, the gateway also has the infrared intelligent home appliance remote control function, which connects the auxiliary linkage hardware such as sound source alarm, light source alarm, local display, etc., to realize the real-time online monitoring and event alarm of joint linkage, and generate an event work order to track the event progress.

WIFI gateway in a broad sense refers to home routers. Gateway refers to the interface between one network and another. For example, if an enterprise's internal network is connected to the external Internet, a gateway is required to manage and control it. It is a complex network connection device, which can support the conversion between different protocols and realize the interconnection between different protocol networks. The wireless gateway refers to a wireless AP integrated with a simple routing function, that is, the wireless gateway can complete the functions of wireless bridge and wireless router through different settings, and can also directly connect to the external network to achieve the AP function.