SuperLED Lighting
Intelligent Fire Control Alarm System


4.3 inch TFT color display screen, full touch screen operation, simple human-computer interaction interface;
The main interface status bar, status tile and date clock are displayed in real time, and the host status is clear at a glance;
Embedded powerful CPU master based on 32-bit Cortex-M3 core;
Based on the design of multi-task operating system, it has excellent user experience;
WiFi/GSM/4G/GPRS networking alarm, supporting APP push, SMS, voice monitoring, central networking, etc;
Support SMS remote deployment and removal and parameter setting, and support voice channel deployment and removal;
Up to 90 remote control and wireless detector learning and storage locations;
Support multiple extended alarms such as main power failure, back battery power failure, anti-prying alarm, etc;
It has low voltage prompt function and anti-disassembly alarm function;
Support the setting of multiple defense zones, such as access defense zone, internal defense zone, perimeter defense zone, 24-hour defense zone and doorbell defense zone;
External wired alarm signal interface, 1-circuit normally open/normally closed relay linkage switch;
It can store and query multiple daily operation records and alarm records;
Telephone function, supporting 5 groups of alarm numbers;
Support the electrical fire monitoring function.

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