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After-sales service

Cultivate the after-sale guarantee ability as the core competitiveness of enterprises

ForLinkon Technology-Service commitment:

A. The company's after-sales service department's commitment to users

1. Firmly implement the Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China and the Consumer Protection Law of the People's Republic of China to provide users with all-round services;
2 Set up a 24-hour supervision hotline; Tel.: 0755-21031150
3 Arrange after-sales personnel and reply to the user's maintenance time within 24 hours when the user calls for repair;
4 Free warranty is provided during the warranty period.
5. Any one of the following conditions shall not be included in the free warranty:

1) Damage caused by improper use, maintenance and servicing by users;
2) Damage caused by installation, disassembly and maintenance by non service personnel of the Company;
3) The model of the product purchased is inconsistent with the model of the product being repaired;
4) Damage caused by irresistible natural disasters;
5) Products beyond the warranty period stipulated by the state and the company。

B. ForLinkon Product series warranty period commitment

1 From the date of product purchase, it shall be based on the date of filing in the company's after-sales system.
2. The warranty period of the company's products is specified in the sales contract.

C. Product installation and debugging commitment (if the customer has purchased installation and debugging services)

1 Users who purchase the products of the Company shall be provided with installation and commissioning assistance by the Company;
2 After the company receives the user's debugging and maintenance information, the service is in place in the central city within one working day, and in the surrounding areas, towns and remote rural areas within two working days; (except for special requirements of users, and those far away from cities);
3 If the user purchases installation materials by himself/herself, the company staff shall check the quality of the materials, inform the user of the unqualified installation materials in time and prompt the user to replace the qualified materials. If the user refuses to replace the materials, the installation service shall not be provided in consideration of the user's safety, and the situation shall be recorded and fed back to the company. In case of a safety accident, it is convenient to inquire the cause of the problem;

D. After sales service tenet

When customers encounter product quality problems, they may be very impatient. At this time, we should pay attention to them in a timely and enthusiastic manner to eliminate their concerns. The consistent service tenet is:

1. Smile: show our cheerful, healthy, considerate and grateful mood with smile and smile;
2. Quickness: welcome every guest with quick action, respect others' time, and show our enthusiasm for service;
3. Dexterity: gain trust with flexible and skillful working attitude and agile and beautiful reception;
4. Sincerity: Sincerity is the basic mentality of service personnel and the basic principle of dealing with people;
5. Research: We should always learn and master our product knowledge, study customer psychology and how to receive and deal with customers.

24-hour after-sales service hotline: +86-755-21031150

After sales service supervision telephone: +86-755-21031156