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IoT Solutions in various application scenarios

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Smart Home Solutions

Through the intelligent fingerprint lock, you can pass through the hallway, enter the hall, link the door magnetic sensor, and automatically turn off the lights in all areas of the home when no one is at home within 5 minutes.
At the same time, the living room light can be set as the bright mode from 18:00 to 21:00. When entering the bedroom, the lights in the public areas such as the guest dining room will automatically turn off, the bedroom will turn on the sleep mode, and when it rises at night, the inductive night light at the bedside will automatically turn on, so that the light will turn on when people come and turn off when people go.
In a special period of time, you can also set personalized requirements, mother's fingerprint unlocking, automatic opening of kitchen light strip, father's unlocking, and automatic playing of favorite music from the speaker in the living room.
When there is a visitor, you can enter the door and wait through the random password to avoid unnecessary waiting. It is clear who is outside the door.

Smart Lighting Solutions

Different sensing modes can be set in different rooms according to the needs, warm mode/sleep mode can be set in the bedroom, bright mode can be set in the living room, reading mode can be set in the study, linked photosensitive sensor, when the light is dim and dark, turn on the downlight, when it is completely dark and the door magnetic sensor senses that the door is open, turn on the bright mode, and the smart speaker broadcasts the voice prompt of "Welcome Home".
When the family gets up at night, the night light system will be useful. You can set a small sensing night light beside the bed. The light that is bright and soft when the human body passes by will not affect sleep.

T & H control solution

The traditional air conditioner in the home can become an intelligent air conditioner under the action of the air conditioner partner and the temperature and humidity sensor. When the temperature and humidity sensor detects that the indoor temperature is higher than 30 degrees, and the infrared sensor of the human body detects that there is someone in the home, the air conditioner will automatically adjust to 26 degrees. You can also set the timer to turn on or off, 15 minutes before going home every day, the air conditioner to turn on automatically, half an hour before the alarm clock in the morning, and the air conditioner to turn off automatically.
When the climate is dry in winter, especially when heating in the north, the temperature and humidity sensor can be linked at this time. When the humidity in the bedroom is lower than what, the humidifier will be automatically turned on and set a time delay for closing. The operating time of the humidifier can be set automatically.

Entertainment AV solutions

Smart home has enabled us to live a happy life of "being able to talk and not to do anything". The post-90s and post-90s young people have gradually become the main consumers in the smart home market. Their daily life can no longer meet their needs, and entertainment videos have become the standard configuration for young people.
As the name implies, home cinema is to move the equipment of the cinema to the home, reasonably transform the acoustic and visual environment, so that you can enjoy the movie watching effect in the cinema without leaving home, deeply restore the feelings expressed in the film, and let the family feel love and sharing. It is a standard configuration for villa owners to install home theaters. Now, almost all villas with basements are equipped with home theaters.

Electric curtain+electric clothes hanger solution

In essence, electric curtains and traditional curtains have the same function, mainly used for shading and protecting personal privacy. It can be linked with other pieces to achieve intelligent scenes, a cheerful alarm clock rings in the morning, electric curtains slowly open, night, sleep mode open, electric curtains slowly close, and isolate the cold at night.

Whole house security solutions

In the smart home industry, home security has always occupied a pivotal position. No matter when, home security has always been the top priority. Without basic security guarantees, other smart things are empty talk!
With the continuous development of smart home, intelligent security also plays an irreplaceable role. Perfect intelligent security can protect the life and property of the family.
The camera can also set intelligent linkage in addition to daily video watching and keeping abreast of home dynamics.
It is linked with the door magnetic sensor and the intelligent fingerprint lock. When no one is at home, the security mode is enabled, strangers break into the door or window, and the camera can synchronously upload high-definition codeless images or videos to the cloud.

Intelligent voice solutions

After the installation of smart home, the lights and appliances in the home can be intelligentized through "voice dialogue"
In the past, many things that needed to be done personally can be solved in one sentence. It realizes the convenient life of "if you can move your mouth, you can't do anything".
In addition to bringing convenience to our lives and allowing us to enjoy the fun brought by life, smart home has a variety of features. Everyone can set different scene modes according to different home environments and needs. The same pieces are also different with different matching effects.

All house smart home solutions

In addition to meeting the functional requirements of lighting, sunshade, heating and air conditioning, video entertainment, security system and other daily life, ForLinkon smart home solutions. The powerful smart home system also has four control modes for interactive use, and twelve profiles for customized settings. The scope of use is not limited to age and location, and you can control your intelligent life at will. The application of multiple wireless communication protocols such as WiFi/Z-wave/ZigBee/BLE and RF wireless radio frequency technology makes hundreds of intelligent devices such as intelligent door locks, intelligent lighting, intelligent sunshade, audio and video entertainment, and sensor security build a complete smart home system. In addition, the scene can be customized by one button through the intelligent scene switch, and different scenarios can be tried and operated by different users.

Voice control

ForLinkon technology products have supported mainstream speaker devices such as Tmall Genie, mini speakers, Dingdong, Amazon Echo, and multiple interactions to achieve convenient control of different scenes.


APP Remote Control

Scenario linkage

ForLinkon technology's products and products can be interconnected to achieve true intelligence, and automatic situational linkage can be more integrated into every detail of life. That is, the intelligent sensor device can automatically trigger another control device to work after detecting abnormal environmental conditions. For example, automatically adjust indoor temperature and humidity to achieve smart energy conservation; Automatically adjust indoor air quality; Automatically start the exhaust fan to remove indoor moisture; The light sensor automatically turns on the small night light when it senses that the sunlight is weakened (dark); When the gas alarm detects gas leakage, it will automatically link the intelligent mechanical valve to close the gas pipeline to avoid further fire and flood.


Scene Display

Different devices can not only be controlled wirelessly through APP, but also establish situational linkage in different scenarios. For example, when the gas alarm detects gas leakage, it will automatically link the intelligent mechanical valve to close the gas pipeline. One APP can establish up to 20 scenarios (homes), and each scenario can add up to 200 intelligent devices.


  • Solution talking

    As long as customers put forward their demands, we are responsible for following up and improving, and presenting the customers' original wishes one by one in the design scheme.

  • Evaluation Kit

    • Transmit module  *2
    • Receiving module *1
    • Evaluate PCB       *1
    • USB cable      *1
  • Cost Control

    The professional engineering team strictly controls the cost of each intelligent module, and always makes careful calculations and takes the initiative in the design of each smart home scheme.

  • Detail control

    The whole professional team is configured to strictly require the details of the project, eliminate defects, and hand over to the customer after debugging.