SuperLED Lighting
LCD Wireless Carbon Monoxide Alarm


It is applicable to the monitoring and alarm of gas (carbon monoxide detection) generated by various heating coal stoves, coal-fired carbon burning equipment, gas water heaters, gas cooking equipment, etc. It can not be used for direct measurement of natural gas/liquefied gas. The buyer needs to understand what is "gas poisoning": gas poisoning is caused by carbon monoxide produced by burning coal, gas and gas in an environment with insufficient oxygen, not by gas and gas leakage. If you still don't understand, please Baidu "gas poisoning"
Working voltage: 3 No. 5 batteries
Alarm sound: greater than 85dB
Alarm concentration: 50PPM 60-90 min alarm
100PPM 10-40 minute alarm
300PPM 3-minute alarm
Electrochemical sensor
Test method of alarm: it is normal to press the test button in the middle and it will sound and light up when the battery is installed, or use the motorcycle exhaust and automobile exhaust to fill and deflate in neutral gear.
Note: Do not use a lighter or gas to deflate the induction port!
Package: neutral (OEM customizable), English instructions
Product weight: 100G (excluding 3 AA batteries)
Size: 11 * 11 * 4CM
One box of 100
Gross weight: 10.8KG
Outer box size: 55 * 43.5 * 22.5CM

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