SuperLED Lighting
Wifi Natural Gas Detector


Weight: 260G
Size: 11 * 6 * 5CM
USB plug in for use, voltage 110-260V
1. Adopting intelligent AI algorithm to accurately calibrate alarm values;
2. High precision three-year sensor with sensitive response;
3. LCD large screen displays temperature and alarm concentration;
4. Working voltage: USB5V/1A power supply;
5. Static current: 60-80mA; Alarm current: 200-350mA;
6. Alarm response/recovery time: ≤ 30S;
7. Communication method: Graffiti WIFI, supporting Bluetooth fast network distribution;
8. Support the function of driving solenoid valves and driving robotic arms (batch order labeling);
10. Alarm sound pressure: ≥ 80dB or above;
11. Executive standard: GB15322.2 Household Combustible Gas Detectors;
12. Constant high and low temperature humidity: Adjust the temperature to 50 ℃± 5 ℃ or -10 ℃± 5 ℃, and adjust the humidity to 90+-23% RH, ensuring stable operation;

Technical Parameters
Input voltage: DC5V (micro USB standard interface)
Working current:<150mA
Response time: <30s Gas sensor
Lifetime: 3 years
Installation type: wall-mounted
Air pressure: 86~106Kpa
Working temperature: 0 ~55 C
Relative humidity: <80% (no freezing)

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