SuperLED Lighting

Smart Electric Curtain

Timed opening and closing | Voice control | Precise control | Favorite position | Power failure manual pull

ForLinkon Smart home curtain opening and closing motor stops when encountering resistance; When the curtain is running, it will stop automatically when encountering resistance, which can effectively protect the motor from damage. It supports smart speakers, mobile phone APP, remote control and other ways, with signal coverage as far as 100 meters. No matter where you are in the whole room, you can easily remote control with one button. You can easily pull the heavy curtain within 50KG, which is still as quiet as a whisper when running, and will not disturb your life. Super quiet design, high strength, low noise, small vibration, and fully sealed automatic lubrication technology.
Realize remote control, timing control and scene linkage control. Say goodbye to manual operation to improve work efficiency. Once entering the door, the curtain will close automatically and the music will play slowly. Set the alarm clock in the morning, the curtain will open automatically, and let the beautiful sunshine accompany you to get up.
Lithium battery powered or solar powered curtain motor, so you are not afraid of installation confusion. There is also a bead pulling motor/curtain rail car, which allows you to realize intellectualization without changing the curtain or even a screw.