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Smart Control Panels

Central Control|Gateway|Voice Interaction|Integrated | Adapt to Wi Fi devices, Zigbee sub devices, Mesh sub devices

The multi-function voice central control panel is a wall mounted central control product that integrates voice functions, gateway capabilities, device scenarios, etc. The communication synchronization of the uplink network can be realized through the wired network port and Wi Fi, and the downlink can be controlled through Zigbee and Bluetooth. At the same time, you can use voice, touch and other interactive methods to conduct the device refinement operation and scene at the panel end.
It only takes one sentence or click to enter the home scene. The lights gradually open, the curtains slowly close, the background music starts playing, and you begin to enjoy the new home experience brought by smart home.
Every morning, there is a crisp alarm clock to wake up, and with the air conditioner automatically adjusted to the appropriate living temperature, the curtain is opened to the appropriate position to start a new day.
Each time you leave home, you can ask or check the current weather status and enter the leave home mode with one key. All lights are turned off, and the security system is deployed to detect changes in the home environment in real time, so that the head of household can leave home safely.
Before going to bed each time, the central controller can help you enter the sleep mode by saying "I'm going to sleep", turn off unnecessary lights, adjust the room temperature and humidity, and help you sleep with peace of mind.

  • Back-home

  • Morning

  • Leave-home

  • Sleep mode