SuperLED Lighting
Fire networking independent smoke alarm


Wireless ionic smoke alarm is used to give an alarm in time for the smoke emitted by various early fires.
In one of the following cases, the alarm indicator (red) on the smoke detector will flash, and the host will give an alarm at the scene no matter what state it is in, and at the same time automatically dial the preset telephone to give an alarm:
1) The smoke concentration and duration in the prevention space reach the alarm value;
2) Press the test button on the smoke detector.
technical parameter
1. Alarm sensitivity: Level 1
2. Monitoring area: 20 square meters
3. Power consumption: monitoring status < 20uA, alarm status < 20mA
4. LED indication: the monitoring status LED flashes once every 40 seconds, and the alarm status LED flashes once every 1 second
5. Alarm output: wireless transmission output, LED flashes once every 1 second
6. Operating environment conditions: indoor, ambient temperature - 10~45 ℃, relative humidity ≤ 95%
7. Battery: 9V, model 6F22
8. Automatic detection: self-inspection every 1.67 seconds
9. Weight (without battery): 100g
10. Overall dimension: Ф one hundred and twenty-seven × 41.3mm

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