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Smart Home Security Alarm System

Secure, Automate & Control Your Home with a Vivint Smart Home Security & Alarm System 

ForLinkon Smart home security system is mainly composed of intelligent alarm host, intelligent gateway, intelligent socket, infrared sensor, door and window sensor, water immersion sensor, infrared sensor, door and window sensor, gas alarm, smoke alarm, emergency button, etc. Wireless intelligent connection, no wiring required, app remote control, one click to open alarm alert mode, go out and leave home, receive home conditions anytime and anywhere, and easily realize remote control, local control, scene linkage, security monitoring and other functions
The intelligent security alarm host is based on WIFI, GSM, 4G and RF433 wireless communication technologies. It is equipped with human activity detectors, door and window detectors, remote controllers and other alarm accessories. Through simple installation and setting, it can realize the alarm function of intelligent home security in one step; At the same time, the smart package can also be linked with smart sockets, smart voice speakers and other devices to open your smart life.
Application: It is applicable to residential home security, shop security and all-weather intelligent monitoring protection