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Smart Door Locks

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Smart Door Locks
Smart PadLocks

The intelligent lock can be opened by user authorization setting, storage, reading decoding, identification, display and other functions through the built-in card reader, password keyboard, biometric and other electronic devices, or emergency opening can be realized through the mechanical lock cylinder outside the door. The common types include card smart lock, smart password lock, biometric smart lock and hotel room smart lock.
The products include Bluetooth, WIFI, ZigBee intelligent modules, cloud, App and other intelligent capabilities and online development platforms. The one-stop enabling electronic lock products have completed intelligent upgrading with high efficiency and low cost, and realized such intelligent functions as keyless unlocking, door opening record query, temporary password sharing, abnormal situation alarm, home/away mode scene linkage.

Compared with traditional padlocks, intelligent padlocks can realize remote management, real-time monitoring, alarm prompt and other functions.
The smart padlock can be unlocked by fingerprint, password, QR code, Bluetooth, remote and other methods, which can fundamentally solve the embarrassing situation that users cannot open the door because they have too many keys to manage and do not have keys or forget the corresponding keys.