SuperLED Lighting
WIFI+GSM Smart Anti-theft Alarm


◆Tuya Smart WiFi 99 Wireless & 4 Wired Zones PSTN+GSM Home Alarm
◆LCD display with GSM&PSTN alarm function;
◆Each zone can be programmed independently;
◆"Black Box" date record function; 
◆Can set 6 groups of fixed time for arm and disarm; 
◆Hint the function of telephone line error;
◆Can control the system by calling-in: arm, disarm, listening-in etc; 
◆Alarm first and grab-line alarm;
◆Backup battery for countinue working when power is off/cut;
◆Built-in intelligent voice message;

8-way wired, 99 way wireless defense zone
Up to 5 wireless remote controls
LCD display, built-in clock, intuitive and convenient
Timed deployment and defense removal: 1 set of timed deployment and 1 set of timed defense removal
6 groups of alarm phones are preset, and the host automatically dials the telephone voice alarm;
Preset 2 groups of SMS mobile numbers, and the host will automatically send SMS alarm;
One-button control, outdoor defense, home defense, remote defense, and remote defense;
Alarm programming: call for help, fire, gas, hall, window, balcony, perimeter;
Remote control in different places, host deployment, defense removal, monitoring, intercom and other functions.
The alarm is divided into single GSM version and graffiti smart TUYA WIFI+GSM dual network.
Standard configuration includes: one host, two remote controls, one infrared, one door magnet, one wired alarm and one power supply
This alarm is equipped with Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, French, Czech, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Slovak and German Other small languages can be customized

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