SuperLED Lighting
Full touch screen Smart Alarm Host


Product Features
◆ 4.3 inch touch screen LCD;
◆ Support 100 wireless detector,remote control and RFID cards; 
◆ Support 4pcs wired zones;
◆ Low-battery detection/Power off detection;
◆ 5 groups of alarm phone/SMS NO;
◆ Built in battery to enable the alarm panel continue work when no WiFi;
◆ GSM support Two-way audio;
◆ 2G GSM frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz(Default), 4G is optional & extra charge;
◆ Wireless learning coding,compatiable with 2262 or 1527 chip sensors;
◆ Multi-Language:English,Deutsch, Russian,French,Spanish,Italian,Polish, Portuguese, EAAHNIKA;
Product Packaging Information
■ 1 host
■ 1 wireless infrared detector
■ 1 wireless door magnet
■ 2 wireless remote controls
■ 2 RFID cards
■ 1 horn
■ 1 power adapter
◎ New 4-way wired defense area access
◎ The door and window are not closed, and the alarm is low voltage
◎ WIFI+2G/3G/4G networking, support APP push, voice monitoring and other multi-channel alarm methods
◎ Support APP remote control and parameter setting.
◎ Up to 100 wireless detectors learn to store locations.
◎ Local button, APP remote control, SMS learning remote control and wireless detector.
◎ Support the name setting of more than 10 alarm types, such as main door and hall
◎ Support the setting of multiple types of defense zones, such as access defense zone, internal defense zone, perimeter defense zone, and 24-hour defense zone.
◎ Support external wireless alarm.
◎ Five groups of preset alarm telephones are set with their SMS switch and voice switch respectively.

Product Advantages:

4.3 "IPS color capacitive touch screen, simple style, good touch
Dual network mode WIFI+GSM/4G, supporting multi-channel alarm modes such as app push, SMS push and voice monitoring
Preset 5 groups of phone and SMS numbers, and set their SMS on/off and voice on/off respectively
Support the setting of multiple types of defense zones, such as outbound defense zone, home defense zone, perimeter defense zone, 24-hour defense zone, doorbell defense zone, etc
Built-in 10 languages, can switch freely
Support 99 wireless defense zones and 4 wired defense zones
Wireless sensor low voltage alarm reminder
Prompt when doors and windows are not closed
Built-in wireless transmission function can configure wireless alarm and control smart appliances
Support SMS and APP remote control and parameter setting
Support Tuya IOT platform

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