SuperLED Lighting
WiFi+GSM/4G Security Host System


Built-in 10 languages, free to switch.
Support 99 wireless zones, 4 wired zones.
LCD menu display, built-in dlock, intuitive and convenient
4.3-inchIPS color display with full capacitive touch screen. Simple style, good feel.
WIFI +GSM/4G dual network work together, support APP push/SMS/voice monitoring etc. muti-channel alarm ways.
Up to 5 groups of preset alarm phone numbers, SMS on/off and voice on/off can be set respectively.

4.3 inch IPS color full capacitor touch button, simple style, and good touch feeling;
Dual network mode WIFI+GSM/4G, supporting multi-channel alarm methods such as app push, SMS push, and voice monitoring;
Preset 5 sets of phone and SMS numbers, with the ability to set their SMS on/off and voice on/off respectively;
Support multiple types of defense zones such as outbound defense zone, home defense zone, perimeter defense zone, 24-hour defense zone, doorbell defense zone, etc;
Built in 10 languages, can be freely switched;
Supports 99 wireless defense zones and 4 wired defense zones;
LCD menu display, built-in clock, intuitive and convenient;
Wireless sensor low voltage alarm reminder; Reminder when doors and windows are not closed during deployment;
The built-in wireless transmission function can configure wireless alarm signals and control smart appliances;
Support SMS and APP remote control and parameter settings;
Support graffiti IoT platforms.

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