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Our mission is to bring wisdom, light and security to every family around the world. Use the most advanced Internet of Things technology to solve real security and livability problems, find user pain points with the fastest speed, provide users with a seamless experience in the whole process of "interaction, scene and perception", and help upgrade smart homes.

Smart home product series

Smart switch, smart socket, intelligent on-off device, intelligent remote controller, intelligent curtain motor, intelligent gateway, intelligent valve manipulator, etc

Intelligent fire protection product series

Gas alarm, smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, combustible gas detector, independent, WIFI, ZIGBEE, NB-LOT, RF433 wireless interconnection

Smart security product series

Smart PRI human infrared detector alarm, water leakage inductive alarm, door magnetic alarm, temperature and humidity detector, audible and visual alarm, doorbell monitoring, Bluetooth beacon, etc

Smart lighting/LED lamp series

Use Internet of Things technology, wired/wireless communication technology to realize intelligent control of lighting equipment, such as LED smart bulb, light bar, floodlight, ceiling lamp, downlight, night light, desk lamp, etc

Software Related to smart products

All software versions such as Android version, Apple version, computer version, mobile version, internal beta version, etc. of Smart Home and Smart Life are available for free download

Related certification certificate report

CE certification, FCC certification, PSE certification, etc. of SuperLED, Honglang, ForLinkon smart home and LED lamp product series