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Why do I need smart home products?
2022-06-21 12:37:46

Smart home technology is rising. At present, 62.5% of households have some smart home devices, which is expected to increase by 90.7% by 2025 (source). But even with its rapid growth, many people are still wondering whether they really need to connect basic household products such as light bulbs to the Internet.
But imagine the life before the emergence of smart TV a few years ago. If you want to watch YouTube, you must plug in the HDMI cable from your laptop. Now, it is more convenient to use Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, music applications and other applications directly on TV. Ultimately, smart home technology will be as normal as smart TV.
Although some meaningless gadgets claim to be smart, some smart home technologies are certainly valuable. Smart home can save you money: for example, smart thermostat can reduce your energy consumption. Upgrading to a smarter home also makes it safer. The connected lights and security cameras can light up and dynamically record the intruder's video. In addition, smart home technology may increase the resale value of your house.
In addition, if you are a technician or want to make your house look impressive, then smart home technology is very interesting. However, warning: it may be addictive!