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Why failed to add a device?
2022-07-03 14:15:11
  1. Please check whether the equipment is powered on;
    Whether the mobile phone can normally connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi;
    Whether the device is in the pending configuration state. Before equipment configuration, the equipment should be put into the state to be configured. Refer to the configuration instructions in the manual. Generally, the equipment can be put into the state to be configured by manually triggering the button on the equipment. Refer to the instructions for resetting the device for details.
    Special attention: reset Wi-Fi every time the device is re-added to make the device into the state of waiting to be configured, and ensure that the router has worked normally
    Check the router:
    If the home router is a dual-band router, the mobile phone should choose to connect to a 2.4G network to add devices. At the same time, Wi-Fi needs to turn on broadcasting, and cannot be set to hidden.
    Router wireless settings: The encryption method should be set to WPA2-PSK type, the authentication type should be AES, or the encryption method and authentication type should be automatic. Wireless mode cannot be 11n only
    Do not use Chinese for router Wi-Fi name
    The router should maintain a good Wi-Fi signal Don't be too far away from the router
    If the number of access devices has reached the upper limit of the router, you can try to turn off the Wi-Fi function of a device to free the channel for reconfiguration
    To enable wireless MAC address filtering, the router should first remove the device from the router's MAC filtering list to ensure that the router does not prohibit the device from networking
    When adding a device, whether the Wi-Fi password entered in the app is correct