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Intelligent solution for single apartment
2022-07-03 15:05:35

At present, single apartment is the first choice for post-80s family life, but due to the limitations of space, many people will complain that the space is too small and the furniture is too full. In fact, the decoration of single apartment can also be small and wonderful, more compact, exquisite and exquisite. If the design is reasonable, it can enlarge the limited space infinitely, make the small space "complete with five internal organs", and create a colorful and exquisite home with less budget. It can also be equipped with high-tech Fulianan smart home system.
However, when choosing smart home, we should pay attention to the fact that there are many brands in the market, and the transmission methods mainly include wired and wireless. Since the single apartment usually covers an area of 25-45 square meters and has only one room and one set of kitchen and bathroom, it is more convenient to install wireless smart home. First of all, there is no need for complicated wiring. The owner can install it at home with instructions to keep the room clean and tidy; Automatic networking, with strong scalability, can be updated and upgraded at any time, which is highly valued by many post-80s young people, but cannot be achieved by wired smart home.
Key points of installing wireless smart home
Since the owner of the single apartment is a single white-collar worker, who goes out early and returns late, and is busy with work, the safety of the home is the top priority. We should not only prevent fire and theft, but also pay attention to physical and mental health. In this respect, the wireless smart home of Fulianan Intelligent is not bad. The door of the home is equipped with a visual doorbell, which is durable. When touched by an external force, it will send an alarm signal to the host's mobile phone in real time. In addition, it is equipped with a window magnet to prevent illegal intrusion from the outside world.
The home is also equipped with a smoke sensor. If there is a gas leak, it will be detected by the sensor, send an alarm signal immediately, and automatically cut off the valve and open the ventilation system; In addition, the smoke sensor will give an alarm at the first time when it detects the smoke, so as to prevent it from happening.
Next is the intelligent control of electrical appliances and lighting. Without major renovation, single apartments usually try to use small household equipment, such as single beds, small sofas, small refrigerators, televisions, and 1P air conditioners. Half an hour before work, send a text message in advance to let the electric cooker cook, the water heater boil water, and the air conditioner open in advance. In addition, the lamps in the home are replaced with LED bulbs and equipped with intelligent lighting systems. After dinner, the mobile phone is switched on to the video mode, the chandelier is off, the wall lamp is on, the TV is played, and when you enter the kitchen, the lights are on, and the lights are off. The wireless smart socket equipped in the home can also monitor the electricity consumption in the home in real time, so that the owner can plan to use electricity and save electricity.
Smart home solution introduction
Fulianan smart home solution aims at the intelligent control function requirements of single apartment or single room and living room, mainly realizing the intelligent and mobile control of indoor lighting, air conditioning, television and other equipment. Using the most advanced wireless control technology, combined with wireless gateway and wireless intelligent control, to carry out intelligent control of household equipment, without wiring construction, the cost is extremely low, so that your home can be immediately upgraded to a perfect smart home.
1. Program features:
(1) The switch equipment of remote control and touch screen is high-end, fashionable and convenient to carry
(2) The computer or mobile phone controls the light, air conditioner and TV in the home
(3) Lying in bed, you can switch on and off lights, curtains, air conditioning and scene control with one button
(4) Remove the existing mechanical switch and replace it with a wireless smart switch, and immediately upgrade it to a fashionable smart home
2. Main modules
(1) Intelligent security - your most loyal housekeeper. Support three home alarm modes of going out, going home and at home, and support password disarming; With 6 emergency rescue, gas leakage and fire alarm interfaces; In case of abnormity, give warning to residents.
(2) Home appliance control - touch intelligent control panel is used to control the main control switch of common household appliances such as exhaust fan, DVD, TV, etc. to realize automatic control of the working state of electrical appliances.
(3) Electric curtain - touch intelligent control panel is used to connect the on/off/stop control signal of curtain motor to realize wireless control of curtain status.
(4) Background music - listen as you like, and let music accompany you every day of your life.