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Intelligent door magnet has become the most effective device for epidemic prevention and theft prevention
2022-07-03 17:29:37

Now, with the resurgence of local epidemic, how to do a good job in the prevention and control of quarantine personnel has become a big problem. Some people who are not aware of the fact that they are still in quarantine do not seriously implement the quarantine regulations sneak out, bringing a lot of unnecessary panic to the society. The pilot guard NB door magnetic alarm effectively monitors the entry and exit of quarantine personnel in real time, As long as you leave the isolation area, the NB door magnetic alarm will send the information directly to the mobile phone of the relevant personnel, and then you can stop it in time, so that everyone can take better preventive measures.
The NB-lot magnetic door alarm is not only effective in epidemic prevention, but also plays a great role in anti-theft. Nowadays, thieves have many ways to steal. Sometimes it makes you unprepared. You have taken some defensive measures in time, but it is still in the hands of the thief. For example, some people install monitoring systems at the door. If the burglar finds the monitor, the burglar can wear a helmet to break the monitor, making the monitor unable to work. The smarter burglar will even cut off the power supply of your home, and some anti-theft devices that cannot work after power failure are also useless.
Although the thief is very clever, the difficulties outweigh the methods. Appropriate safety measures cannot be omitted. Now the thieves in the house come in either through the door or through the window. As long as you take defensive measures in these two places and install NB door magnetic alarm, you are not afraid of thieves to steal.
An NB door magnet independent of WiFi can be installed near the door and window.
Working principle of WiF-NB gate magnet:
In the case of WiFi, the preset WiFi alarm will receive feedback when opening the door and send it to the owner's mobile phone for reminding. When the owner finds an abnormal reminder, he will know that the door of the house has been opened
Suppose you only installed a WiFi-NB door magnet. The thief didn't know any monitoring measures when entering the door, so he felt safe at the door. As soon as he opens the door, the WiFi-NB door magnet will sense it and send the relevant information to the owner's mobile phone. After receiving the information, the owner can rush back immediately and catch the thief on the spot.