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WIFI Heating Thermostat Temperature Controller


Main products: water and floor heating temperature controllers, electric floor heating temperature controllers, air conditioning and floor heating dual wall mounted furnace temperature controllers, central air conditioning temperature controllers, fresh air systems, actuator accessories, radiator temperature control valve switches, etc

◆ Touch color screen floor heating thermostat + WiFi
◆ 3A with linkage function:
◆ The control 3A thermostat is powerful and can be used for plumbing/gas boilers/wall-hung furnaces, and there is no need to Stock multiple models.
◆ Load current: plumbing 3A (resistive), electric heating 16A, electric heating 20A
◆ Display: LCD, temperature setting: 5-60 degrees, self-consumption power: <1W
◆ Power supply voltage: 90V-240V AC Maximum power: 4500W
◆ Shell material: PC flame retardant material + protection grade IP20
◆ Temperature sensor: NTC, temperature control accuracy: ±1°C
◆ SIZE: LENGTH 41MM * WIDTH 86MM * HEIGHT 86MM / 3.4 * 3.3 *1.6IN
◆ Product packaging weight: 3A 215g, 16A 275g
◆ Memory storage, programming period, button control, intelligent timing, color screen LCD WIFI optional, manual/automatic model test

Precise temperature control:
◆ 3A plumbing/boiler built-in temperature probe. 
◆ 16A electric floor heating internal and external temperature sensor probe + equipped with 3 meters to detect the floor temperature line.

Memory storage:
◆ Don't worry about losing setup data due to power outages.
◆ Child lock: The keypad lock is effective and safe to prevent children from misoperation

Product use:
◆ 16A is suitable for electric heating film/heating floor/electric warm painting/heating cable/heating tile. 
◆ 3A is suitable for water system/gas boiler/wall hanging furnace/water pump. Perfect for home, office, shopping mall, sprinkler shop, health farm and other places.

Programming period:
◆ The thermostat supports 6 time mold test temperature settings per day
Tuya APP mobile phone remote:
◆ download the Tuya APP on the mobile phone, and all controls are controlled intelligently through the mobile phone. 
◆ Convenient and simple, enjoy smart life more

Voice control:
◆ support voice assistant Amazon, Google, Xiaodu, Tmall Genie, YANDEX
◆ WIFI communication protocol; Tuya protocol, global coverage

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