SuperLED Lighting
Zigbee Control Panel
Zigbee 3.0, voice control, central air-conditioning and floor heating control in one


The mobile phone can remotely control the temperature and wind speed. The 86 base is easy to install. The voice control of the third party's smart speaker can be turned on and off at a fixed time. The device can be intelligently linked, and the comfortable, energy-saving and intelligent sensing operation can be achieved.
It supports most of the mainstream speakers on the market, such as Xiaodu, Tmall Genie, Xiaoai, Google, Ruoqi, Amazon, etc.
Mobile phone remote control, open the mobile phone APP when you go out to check whether it is closed, and control the switch with one button.
Product size: 86mm * 86mm * 63mm
Temperature control range: 5 ℃~35 ℃
Working voltage: 110~230V AC50  60Hz
Mounting hole spacing: 60mm
Installation type: dark turn 86 bottom box
Product type: with infrared/without infrared
Note: It needs to be used with ZIGBEE intelligent gateway

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