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"Power saving proposal" was released, and ForLinkon realized green and low-carbon development of enterprises
2019-05-08 14:09:04

Guangdong issued a power saving proposal: advocating government departments, advocating industrial and commercial enterprises throughout the province to actively participate in power saving, supporting the implementation of orderly power use, and practicing green and energy-saving office. The cooling temperature of the air conditioner should not be lower than 26 ℃, the power supply of the air conditioner and other office equipment should be turned off during non-working hours, and the elevator should not be used in the office at or below the third floor; At the same time, the general public is encouraged to adopt a moderately economical, green and low-carbon family life style, make the best use of natural light for home lighting, reduce the use of permanent lights, and encourage the setting temperature of air conditioning to be no less than 26 ℃.
In order to respond to the new strategy of national energy security and achieve the goals of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral" as soon as possible, it is bound to change the development mode and carry out the energy revolution. The introduction of intelligence is the best and most effective means for building energy conservation and emission reduction. The proposal for power saving seems to be "introducing" the intelligent system of Fulianan. It is recommended to install intelligent systems in new offices, office buildings, park buildings and other spaces.
01 Intelligent control
In view of the pain points of energy waste and huge costs encountered by enterprises, Fulianan Intelligent has targeted solutions from two aspects: "control" and "management".
Timing mode and scene management
Formulate a timing strategy according to the company's commuting time, so as to realize the automatic start and operation of the office scene and equipment at the working day time according to the timing, without human operation.
At 9:00 a.m., the "work mode" is opened regularly. The lighting, curtains, air conditioning and other equipment in the front desk and public office space began to work.
At 13:00, the "lunch break mode" is automatically triggered, and the lights, curtains and other equipment in the office space are gradually turned off.
At 14:00, after the lunch break, the "work mode" is automatically triggered, and the lights, curtains and other equipment in the office space are turned on.
18:00 is the off-duty time, but overtime often occurs. The light automatically switches to the self-induction mode. If overtime is detected in different areas, the ambient light will be automatically turned on until the end of overtime. After the employee leaves after working overtime, the system will automatically turn off the corresponding equipment.
It avoids the waste of light energy in non-working hours. This can achieve the effect of intelligent energy saving.
Real-time view of device status
The lighting, air conditioning, curtains, water dispensers, projectors and other electrical equipment in the office space can be operated remotely through the mobile phone APP or PAD terminal, and the use status of the equipment can be checked in real time, so that even the equipment that has forgotten to turn off can be turned off remotely with one button. Avoid leaving the lights off and the air conditioner idling all night.
02 The cooling temperature setting of the air conditioner shall not be lower than 26 ℃
The power saving proposal states that the modulation cooling temperature should not be lower than 26 ℃. According to the data, when the air conditioning temperature is set at 25 ℃ or below, the air conditioning will continue to work. However, when the indoor temperature rises and the room temperature cannot be maintained at 25 ℃, the air conditioning compressor will continue to work without interruption, making the indoor temperature close to 25 ℃, at this time, the power consumption is huge.
However, when the temperature is 26 ℃, the power consumption is quite different. Set the air conditioning temperature at 26 ℃, and the air conditioning works to make the indoor temperature reach 26 ℃. At this time, the compressor stops working without power consumption; When the indoor temperature rises more than 26 ℃, the compressor will work again. Control the temperature at 26 ℃, which can greatly save electric energy.
From the data indicators of the operation of the air conditioning compressor, it is obvious that the operation indicators of the air conditioning at 25 ℃ are higher than 26 ℃. The data shows that using the air conditioning controller to control the air conditioning temperature from 25 ℃ to 26 ℃ can save about 10% of electric energy.
Fulianan intelligent air conditioning system can set the mode, air volume, temperature, etc., automatically change the wind speed, adapt to the indoor temperature, and maintain the indoor temperature at the best comfort level of not less than 26 ℃.
03 Internet of Things control and data statistics display platform
For large spaces such as enterprises and buildings, through 1:1 modeling, the spatial location of the building is fully digitized, and the location of all kinds of data in the building is easily marked, and comprehensive and systematic control is carried out.
We can intuitively see the overall situation of the corridor area and room on each floor, quickly open the area to view the data parameters and equipment in the space, and accurately control the lighting, air conditioning, curtain and other equipment in a space.
Through the energy consumption management system, realize the visualization of energy consumption, real-time monitoring of energy equipment, energy plan management, energy analysis and prediction, optimization of energy conservation schemes, etc;
Collect the power consumption of each floor and area, and classify and count the power consumption of air conditioning, conference equipment, machine room equipment, lighting, elevators, fire fighting and other public equipment. Analyze energy flow and provide energy consumption warning based on refined measurement.
The implementation of Fulianan intelligent system has improved energy efficiency and accelerated the realization of the goal of "carbon neutrality".