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ForLinkon Intelligent "contactless interaction" helps enterprises fight the epidemic
2022-07-03 16:47:40

It is unavoidable to switch on and off the office lights during work. Local touch by employees will greatly increase the risk of cross-infection of viruses and bacteria. The Fulianan intelligent office system allows employees to conduct contactless interactive control equipment, further reducing the risk of contact infection.
Separate accounts with different permissions, and each employee can use his/her mobile phone or iPad to independently and remotely control the office equipment.
Intelligent temperature regulation, app remote control can control the air conditioning switch, can set the mode, air volume, temperature, etc., automatically change the wind speed, adaptive office temperature, and realize the automatic office environment.
Multiple curtains will be equipped in a wide range of office areas, and the intelligent curtain control system (group control function) can realize the synchronous work of curtains in the same area in one key mode. It can also set the time to automatically execute curtain layout.
In the tea room, the timer function of the smart socket allows the kettle/coffee machine to start working within the predetermined time, and can directly view the device status remotely on the app.
Overtime also occurs frequently in enterprises. When overtime occurs during non-working hours, it will automatically enter the self-sensing mode. If overtime is detected in different areas, it will automatically turn on the ambient light source until the end of overtime. After the employee leaves after working overtime, the system will automatically turn off the corresponding equipment without local touch to avoid cross infection.
Scene mode+offline voice
On the Web/App client, the four classic scenarios of work status, rest status, meeting status and leave status can be linked and preset as work mode, lunch break mode, meeting mode and off duty mode respectively.
The electrical equipment required for scene linkage can be automatically turned on/off in the corresponding scene mode without manual operation one by one.
In addition to remote control, offline voice control is also supported. Not affected by the network, it can control dual control lights, dimming lights, curtains, air conditioners (on/off, temperature, wind speed), scenes, etc. by offline voice. It can be flexibly paired and plug and play. Call words and command words can also be customized according to needs.
Consider the factors that affect the acquisition of sound source signals with masks, and optimize for difficult problems such as noise interference.
Remote office
For colleagues who cannot return to work in time due to the epidemic, telecommuting has become the most important office mode.
Fulianan intelligent remote office system is free of cumbersome matching, supports multi-screen wireless synchronous meetings such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, and so on. It is free of installation, can meet with a browser, has a dedicated account, and can flexibly create a conference room, which is more flexible and convenient than the existing network video conference. It can fully meet the needs of remote conference use, and can accommodate multiple people to meet online at the same time. Realize face-to-face communication.
In this extraordinary period, the dimension of AI participation in epidemic prevention and control is still increasing, and the mode of AI cooperation with the world is still innovating. The "contactless" interaction of Junzhi Intelligent tries to achieve non-contact infection as much as possible to ensure the safety of employees.
In addition to providing one-stop intelligent space solutions for enterprises, Fulianan Intelligent also provides PHI technology for air purification and thermal imaging intelligent temperature screening technology. Choose Fulianan Intelligence to provide more security for people around you.