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What are the indispensable intelligent security products
2022-07-03 17:13:07

With the development of economy and the continuous improvement of living standards, while high-tech products continue to be applied to families, various unsafe factors also accompany these high-tech products into people's homes, such as the use of gas stoves, gas water heaters and high-power electrical appliances, which will make fire, electric shock, gas poisoning and even explosion possible. At the same time, due to the existence of criminals, such illegal and criminal acts as burglary and robbery often occur, and people pay more and more attention to family safety and property. More and more families choose to install intelligent security devices at home to ensure family safety. Let me introduce you several indispensable security devices in smart home life:
1、 Surveillance camera
In family life, video monitoring can help to remotely check the situation at home through computers or mobile phones when there is no one at home. When working outside, you can also check the children studying at home and the elderly in need of care. In the case of burglary, provide suspect information to the police through video recording. The monitoring environment required by home users is relatively simple. Generally, only one monitoring point is set. Nowadays, wifi has become a necessity for families. The installation of wireless surveillance cameras is simple and does not require complicated wiring, so the selection of monitoring equipment is relatively simple.
2、 Infrared alarm device
The home intelligent alarm system is an intelligent anti-theft alarm system that uses the single-chip microcomputer control system, wireless sensor network technology and gsm mobile communication technology to achieve networking functions. The system adopts wireless communication system, which enables users to receive alarm information through computers or mobile phones in time and arrive at the scene at the first time, thus minimizing losses. The infrared alarm system can be linked with other security devices in the home, and the functions such as deployment and removal can be set through mobile phones or computers, making the anti-theft alarm easy to learn.
3、 Carbon monoxide alarm
Natural gas is an indispensable necessity for every family. Preventing natural gas leakage and carbon monoxide poisoning is also the top priority of family safety. In addition to safe operation of natural gas according to regulations, the use of carbon monoxide alarm for prevention has become a necessary condition to ensure family safety. The domestic natural gas detection alarm, like the smoke detection alarm, can be used in conjunction with other safety devices. As long as the carbon monoxide in the air exceeds the standard, the alarm can be sent in time, and the alarm information can also be transmitted to the user's mobile phone or computer in time, greatly preventing the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning caused by natural gas leakage.
4、 Smoke detection alarm
The use of gas stoves, gas water heaters and high-power electrical appliances makes fire possible, so it is necessary to select smoke detection alarms. The smoke detection alarm for household use can be used alone or in conjunction with other safety equipment. The smoke detection alarm used by ordinary families supports wireless transmission, mobile phone receiving alarm information and other functions, and is the most indispensable equipment for preventing family fires
5、 Intelligent doorbell
The security outside the anti-theft door should be the first consideration in family safety. The listing of smart doorbell has raised the security outside the door to a higher level. High-end design, visit notification, intelligent security and other functions of the product quickly sold well. AI face recognition technology based on AI research can identify and record each visitor accurately in real time, and easily set visitor classification through mobile app to distinguish family, friends and strangers. If someone stays at the door for a long time, the smart doorbell can also send alarm information to the user to prevent the occurrence of malignant cases. The intelligent doorbell can also carry out video monitoring and video recording, and video call greatly improves the security of the anti-theft door.