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Intelligent home whole-house customized solution
2022-07-03 14:56:35

More and more people have a strong interest in Fulianan smart home and will want to install a smart home system. But for the choice of intelligent products, it is not very clear what products you need. Fulianan smart home system is composed of smart video system, electric curtain system and other home-related systems. At the beginning, you may be confused and don't know what to say. Next, Xiao Bian will give an answer to what intelligent products should be considered for flat floor residents.
1. Intelligent access control system
The smart door lock for home safety protection can not only unlock with fingerprint, password and IC card, but also have the functions of remote unlocking, WeChat push and unlocking record query. The most important point is that it can connect with the Fulianan smart home and interact with any smart product. For example, fingerprint unlocking and electric curtain opening during the day; At night, the fingerprint is unlocked, the light is turned on, and so on. In addition, the smart cat eye not only has night vision function, but also can take pictures. If someone stays at the door for more than a certain time, they will take pictures and send them to you. If someone rings the doorbell, they can talk to each other remotely if they are not at home, confirm the identity of the caller and then decide whether to open the door.
2. Electric curtain system
I often have to get up and close the window when I want to sleep at night. With the electric curtain, you can close the curtain on your mobile phone. When the power is cut off, the curtain will automatically close with a gentle hand pull. You can also set the timing function. At 7:30 in the morning, the electric curtain will open automatically; At 5:30 p.m., the electric curtain will close automatically, saving the trivial matter of opening and closing the curtain every day.
3. Intelligent video and audio system
With only one background music host and a few stereos, you can open a small KTV at home, and the TV access stereo will become a home theater in seconds, making it the first choice for colleagues, relatives and friends to gather. The background music host has zones and no zones. With zones, only the background music host needs to be installed in the living room, and then in the bedroom, bathroom and other places to listen to different music. If there is no partition, just buy a background music host or a tuning panel. The operation is also very simple. Not only QQ music and cool dog music on the mobile phone can be directly connected, but also video websites such as Tencent Video can be put on the background music host. There is also voice intercom and exclusive remote control.
4. Intelligent lighting system
Intelligent lighting is divided into light control, dimming and color change and induction light.
Light control, that is, control the light on and off. There are so many lights in the home that you can control the lights you want to turn on (off) with one button just by listing them in the scene mode. Of course, you can also control them remotely. Dimming and discoloration can not only control the brightness of the light, but also change the color of the light. Different scenes need different light colors to match. It can be softer when eating and brighter when reading. The induction light can be installed at the entrance, hallway, bathroom, bedroom and wardrobe. It will light up when people come and go out when people go. You can also adjust the time setting and the brightness when the light is strong.
5. Home appliance control system
There are two main functions, one is to control the opening or closing of household appliances, which can be remote, and the other is the application of intelligent scene mode. The products used are infrared transponders, and household appliances with remote control can be controlled.
6. Intelligent security system
The flat floor residents can simply install an infrared curtain and voice alarm. In the area of the home where outsiders are not allowed to enter, such as the study, for example, children cannot go to the balcony, you can install one. When someone enters the range, an alarm will be triggered, and a voice reminder will be sent to your WeChat at the same time.
7. Environment sensor
The environment sensor is a three-in-one sensor that can sense the current temperature, current humidity, air quality and current illumination. You can also set the linkage with smart home, for example, when the temperature is lower than 10 degrees, the air conditioner will be automatically turned on for heating.
Generally, with the above intelligent products, and equipped with an intelligent central control host of Fulianan Intelligent, it is a complete set of Guangzhou smart home system, which can realize the functions of timing control, intelligent scene and linkage. Timing control, that is, home appliance timing and intelligent product timing. Intelligent scene is to set whether to open an intelligent product according to the scene you need, for example, the home mode is light on, air conditioning on, background music on, and so on. The linkage function is the direct linkage of intelligent products. The linkage of two intelligent products is set by a certain condition. For example, when you go home in the daytime and use your fingerprint to unlock the door, if the indoor temperature is relatively high, you will turn on the air conditioner.