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Two rooms and one hall smart home solution
2022-07-03 15:38:33

Room type: two rooms and one hall (bedroom, study, living room)
System functions: intelligent security control system, intelligent lighting control system, background music control system, intelligent curtain control system, intelligent induction control system
The smart home company of Fulianan Technology, which focuses on the research and development of smart home system hardware, software development and back-office operation, adopts advanced Internet of Things technology, intelligent control technology, cloud service technology, and an intelligent office ecosystem composed of software and hardware systems and cloud computing to realize the connection of things and the sensing of things, build an intelligent home living environment, and create a comfortable and elegant life style. At the same time, simplify the complex, highly human, pay attention to health, entertainment, and protect privacy.
Basic product configuration:
Intelligent control host: installed in the living room, the whole system is controlled by the master, and all sensors and controllers in the room are connected wirelessly.
Smart curtain: bedroom, living room and study can be controlled in real time, at fixed time and remotely according to needs. The opening and closing of study curtain can be combined with other equipment; linkage
Wireless front control panel: bedroom, living room, study, mobile phone can be used for real-time, timing, remote control of lighting, and one-button mode can be turned on to turn off all electrical appliances in the home and turn on all electrical appliances
Wireless infrared repeater: the living room controls the TV, air conditioner, DVD and other infrared appliances in the living room
Human body sensing switch: toilet, mobile sensing, and linkage with the light in the master bathroom
Smoke detector controller: in the kitchen, all alarms and lighting systems are linked. When an alarm occurs, the whole villa will be lit to remind the owner
Note: Users can add or select our intelligent product configuration scheme according to different room requirements and other factors.
Intelligent security control system
The intelligent security monitoring system is composed of camera monitoring, remote monitoring, security detector alarm and network alarm technology to build a multi-layer protection network to realize the family living environment; 360 ° safety monitoring without dead angle. For example, the visual intercom door machine realizes the intercom between visitors and hosts, and has the function of leaving messages and saving images. The door magnet is connected with the alarm host to prevent illegal intrusion at the first time
Intelligent lighting control system
The lighting system mainly consists of fluorescent lamps, chandeliers and spotlights, which can be adjusted to meet different needs. The lights will be adjusted according to different situations, for example, when watching a movie, the lights will be dimmed automatically. Just touch a button to produce a preset lighting effect, which is very convenient to use. It uses wireless technology without wiring.
For example, if one touch switch is used to replace the ordinary multiple switches, the living room is designed with the following scenes: reception, leisure, bright, all-off, etc; The restaurant is set up with the following multiple scenes: dining, cocktail party, candlelight, all-closed, etc. In different occasions, the light changes rapidly between the fingers, showing the style and dignity in details.
The light of the guest bedroom is relatively simple. We control the 2-way light of the guest bedroom through the two-way switch. At the same time, the switch is connected to the lighting control system and can be controlled through the lighting system.
A scene switch is set at the head of the bed, and the following scenes are designed: leisure, warmth, reading, rest, getting up and off. Press the "up" mode, and the small night light in the bedroom will light up slowly without disturbing your partner's rest. At the same time, the corridor light leading to the bathroom has also been lit. When you return to the bedroom, press the "rest" button to turn off the lights one by one at any time.
The smart socket manages two bedside lamps. At the same time, when connected to the control system, it can realize the functions of "getting up" and "closing all".
Background music control system
The background music system can provide background music for the whole family, which can enable different rooms to listen to different music (or sound source), and meet the needs of each family member to like different music. Multi-channel automatic playback, which can be played automatically according to the pre-arranged playlist, and played regularly to realize music playback in different rooms at different times.
For example, through the LCD background music panel, you can select different music at any time, play CD, MP3, FM at will, and adjust the volume
Intelligent curtain control system
The angle of the intelligent curtain can be controlled by remote control, touch screen, or timing control: for example, it will automatically close at night and open at dawn.
Intelligent induction control system
Temperature, brightness and human body sensing. When we go home at night, the sensor at the door detects that the host is going home, the living room and aisle lights can be turned on automatically for us, and the water dispenser can be heated automatically. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the air conditioner will automatically start to cool down; The curtain closes automatically and slowly when it gets dark at night. You don't need to do it yourself. Install smoke sensor in the kitchen to send an alarm when the smoke concentration exceeds the standard. All alarms are linked with the lighting system. When the alarm occurs, the whole villa will be lighted to remind the owner.
The final leave mode allows you to leave home and work at ease. Junzhi Intelligence makes you feel at ease in living and using.