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Smart home solution with three rooms and two halls
2022-07-03 15:44:39

Room type: three rooms and two halls (master bedroom, study, children's room, living room, dining room, toilet)
System functions: intelligent lighting, intelligent security, environmental control, intelligent home appliances, intelligent curtains, video and audio control, etc
The following is a brief introduction to several smart home control systems of Junzhi Smart Home.
Intelligent lighting system
Dimming soft start function
When the light is turned on, the light will light up slowly. When the light is turned off, the light will slowly dim and then go out. This romantic process will not only protect your eyes from the stimulation of sudden changes in light, but also greatly prolong the life of the lamp. The brightness of the light can be adjusted at will. Even if the brightness of the light is modulated to the glow state, the light will not flicker. The soft start function of the light can remember the last light brightness level.
Timing function
The lighting system inside and outside the room can be timed. When saving energy for you in the control mode, it can also make you feel the humanization of the home lighting system. If you are out for a long time, you can set the lights at home to turn on and off automatically at night, which can serve as a warning.
Scene function
The changeable combination of various (group) lights can create a harmonious atmosphere and romantic atmosphere at different times. Through the wiring and setting of the intelligent lighting system, you can easily combine different scene modes according to your preferences. These scenarios can be stored and opened in "one click" mode. The state and brightness of each lamp in different scenes can be set and memorized, and the complex lighting effect can be instantly displayed with just a touch when using. In the scene function, the lighting can also be combined with other devices (such as curtain, curtain, TV/audio, etc.) to form a complex scene. Such as reception, reading, listening to music, dinner mode, cinema mode, etc.
Intelligent curtain control system
The new intelligent curtain system retains the traditional hand opening and closing function;
At the same time, it can also remotely and freely control the opening and closing of mobile phones. More importantly, it combines automatic light sensing, timing opening and closing and scene control;
Bring users a comfortable, convenient and healthy life
Intelligent home appliance control system
Mobile phone or scene panel remote control smart switch appliances, users can control all electrical equipment and video and audio systems in the home by lying on the sofa.
When the user leaves home, just press the "leave home" mode to automatically turn off all electrical appliances, to ensure the safety of electricity use at home and prolong the service life of electrical appliances, energy conservation and environmental protection.
Security control system
Perimeter prevention
Infrared radiation
Install infrared radiation fence around the villa. In the state of fortification, if there is any illegal entry, the alarm system will be activated. The advanced infrared radiation fence adopts humanized design, and can rotate the angle of transmitter and receiver at will. Perfect functions such as anti-disassembly, anti-cutting, anti-short circuit and anti-pet have greatly enhanced the anti-false alarm ability. Even if people crawl through and over, the system will never fail to report. The infrared fence will be the first guard for your family safety.
Video surveillance
Multiple video monitoring points can be installed on the outside and inside of the house, so that no matter where the owner is, you can see everything that happens in the house within 24 hours a day through the convenient Internet. When you are away for a long time, it can keep your home for 30 days × All that happened within 24 hours is recorded, and you can play back one by one after you go home. Even when you are out, it can send relevant captured images to your mailbox and mobile phone regularly and quantitatively. The video monitoring system can also automatically call the police when abnormal conditions occur in the home.
Indoor security
fire prevention
Install smoke detectors and gas detectors in the cloakroom, kitchen and dining room. When there is smoke and gas leakage, the system will ring the alarm immediately. When the waiting time of the ring reaches your preset value, the system will automatically call the alarm. If the danger is due to gas leakage, if the gas supply system is installed with a gas manipulator, the gas valve can also be automatically closed.
Door/window break induction alarm
After the security equipment in the home is deployed, if the doors and windows are illegally damaged and the intruder breaks in, the system will ring the alarm immediately. When the waiting time for the ring takes you to the preset value, the system will automatically call the alarm.
Mobile detection
When the mobile monitoring function is enabled, any moving object entering the range of the mobile detector will be monitored. The mobile monitoring system has the recognition function of pets and other small moving objects, which can effectively prevent false reports and missed reports. In case of an emergency, the system will ring the alarm immediately. When the waiting time for the ring reaches your preset value, the system will automatically dial the phone to alarm.
Intelligent background music system
The background music system can provide background music for the whole family, which can enable different rooms to listen to different music (or sound source), and meet the needs of each family member to like different music. Multi-channel automatic playback, which can be played automatically according to the pre-arranged playlist, and played regularly to realize music playback in different rooms at different times.