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Smart home solution for renovation of old apartment
2022-07-03 15:08:50

As for smart home, you may first think of a new house that needs to be rearranged, but in fact, the old apartment can also be transformed into smart home. Fulianan Smart Home is an intelligent solution for the renovation of old apartments, sharing a case of the renovation of old apartments with three rooms and two halls.
During the renovation of the old smart home, the wired smart home system is more feasible, perfect and convenient than the wireless smart home system in some specific environments. Through practice, the author finally came to a positive answer: if the ceiling of the room in the renovation of the old house has a ceiling space, then the room with a ceiling space can almost perfectly realize the overall full-function smart home renovation function.
The so-called "secret" smart home control center is mainly composed of several parts, including: system power supply, advanced smart home control module, centralized driver, central background music host, etc.
The smart home system tap power supply is mainly used to provide weak current power supply and control signal exchange for the entire smart home control system; The computer gateway control module mainly realizes the functions of computer control and debugging of the whole system, and can also realize the intelligent control function of the whole smart home system through mobile phone or tablet computer; The schedule management control module mainly realizes the timing switch control function, as well as the different high-level logic trigger event control functions, such as the human body induction control function of "people come on and people go off", the corridor lighting automatic opening delay automatic closing function, and the lighting customized dimming function in different time periods.
8-way integrated centralized driver can flexibly control the switch and switching control functions of 8-way different strong and weak current equipment, such as electric motor control equipment such as lighting, power socket, electric curtain, electric sunshade, electric projection curtain, electronic door lock, electronic valve, fan coil air conditioner, central fresh air system and other strong and weak current control equipment.
4-way integrated dimming centralized driver can realize dimming control function of 4-way incandescent lamp, 220V and low-voltage spot lamp, and the maximum power of each circuit can reach 600W. These two modules mainly realize the functions of lighting control inside the living room, power switch control of projector and background music host, and electric lock switch.
Intelligent lighting control system: It mainly realizes the intelligent control and centralized management of the lighting in the residence, the centralized remote control of the lighting and the overall control of the wall, and the combination of different lighting switch brightness scenes in each living area with one button.
This intelligent transformation case mainly realizes the one-to-one control of the lights in the hallway, living room and bathroom, the dimming control of the living room chandeliers and spotlights, and various one-button scene control functions, including remote control, wall smart switch and LCD panel control, PC computer, smart phone, tablet computer, wall visual intercom LCD touch screen full-system control and other functions.
The multifunctional digital living room of smart home mainly realizes the instant switching function of multi-function and multi-purpose such as film and television hall, karaoke hall, living room, temporary meeting room, etc. Through the instant switching function of different lights, electrical appliances, curtains, projection, electric equipment and other different states of Fulianan smart home, the needs of different functional scenarios are realized.
Electric curtain and electric sunshade system. The electric curtain mainly realizes the function of intelligent opening and closing the curtain, while the intelligent sunshade mainly realizes the function of automatic sunshade. When the sunlight intensity reaches the preset intensity, the electric sunshade opens. When it is windy or rainy, when the wind sensor detects that the wind speed reaches the preset gear, the electric sunshade automatically closes to prevent it from being damaged by the strong wind. When it is rainy, the same weather sensor detects a certain amount of rain and humidity, The electric sunshade will also be retracted.
The intelligent door lock access control system is mainly used to realize the intelligent control of the corridor and the door lock. The "triple door" intelligent linkage control is realized through the transformation of the corridor intercom door lock linkage in the residential area, the transformation of the owner's anti-theft door electronic lock, and the transformation of the fingerprint password lock in the door.
The core of smart home is the one-button scene control function. This living room has been transformed into a multi-function living room, which integrates the multi-purpose functions such as home theater, karaoke, party dance, conference projection, living room, and so on. By switching different scene keys, different life scene needs can be switched instantaneously.
"Reception" one-button scene: press this button, the lighting of the living room spotlights and droplights will automatically turn on the brightest level, the electric curtains will not be closed in the daytime, and will automatically close at night, to create a warm and warm life atmosphere, reflecting the host's hospitality, openness and enthusiasm.
"Dining" one-button scenario: press this button, the fluorescent lamp and ceiling lamp in the living room will be turned on, the spotlights and chandeliers will be turned off at the same time, and the electric curtain will be automatically turned on to meet the daily needs of more economical and energy-saving dining lighting and living atmosphere, to reflect the energy conservation and environmental protection of smart home and meet individual needs.
"Romantic" one-button scenario: press this button, the living room fluorescent lamp, ceiling lamp and ceiling lamp will be turned off, the spotlight will be turned on to 3 levels of brightness, the background music will be turned on to 4 levels of volume, and MP3 soft music will be specified to play, and the electric curtain will be automatically closed.
High-definition camera hoisted in the living room, full-house control visual intercom, tablet computer, intelligent remote control
"Cinema" one-button scene: press this key, the multi-function panel will display the password input interface, requiring the input of the preset authorization password before the scene can be started. After the input of the preset password, the living room fluorescent lamp will be turned on, the ceiling lamp and the ceiling lamp will be turned off, and the surrounding spotlights will be turned on to the maximum 15 levels of illumination brightness and will be turned off gradually for 15 seconds, as if you are in the cinema, and the main fluorescent lamp will automatically delay to turn off after 3 minutes, So as to leave time for viewers to choose film sources; Of course, when the "Theater" scene key is pressed, the system has turned on the projector, high-definition player, power amplifier, electric curtain and electric projection screen in sequence according to the preset time logic. The projector will automatically switch to the input source of the high-definition player within the preset time, so as to watch the high-definition movie specially.
"Read" one-button scene: press this key to start the reading scene, the projector is off, the HD player is off, the fluorescent lamp is on, the electric projection curtain is closed, the electric curtain automatically opens after 45 seconds, and the projector power is off after 5 minutes.
In the living room PARTY dazzle mode, when this key is pressed, the living room lights will be turned off, the electric curtain will be turned off, and the background music will start to play MP3 music at 4 levels. At the same time, the electric lifter will lower the LED pattern color lights hidden in the electric curtain box. After 8 seconds, the LED pattern color lights will change the LED pattern freely according to the sound size of the music.
"K song" one-key scenario: press this key, the fluorescent lamp, ceiling lamp and ceiling lamp will automatically turn off, the spotlight will automatically turn on to the third level of brightness, the karaoke jukebox will turn on, the TV will turn on, and switch to the AV1 input source.
Realize infrared linkage control of TV, HD player, projector, digital set-top box and other electrical appliances and remote control of air conditioning
The electrical intelligent control and air conditioning remote control function system mainly realizes the power switch control and infrared command linkage control of various infrared electrical appliances, realizes the centralized control and intelligent management of various electrical appliances, as well as the infrared control of linkage electrical appliances in various scenes, and can realize the remote control functions of making phone calls, sending text messages, computer remote, smart phones and tablet computers.
The digital network monitoring system mainly realizes the video monitoring and network remote monitoring functions. It can monitor the pictures of each camera on site at any time, and can query the video monitoring data stored in the hard disk at any time afterwards, so as to facilitate the query when necessary. It is mainly used to monitor children or elderly people at home through mobile phones at any time.
This case has intelligently transformed the home security alarm control system, mainly realizing the functions of entrance security alarm, fire smoke alarm and gas leakage alarm. When the above dangerous situations occur, the local alarm will sound and light, and the linkage light will flash. At the same time, the user can dial up to 8 different telephone or mobile phone numbers preset by the user to tell the dangerous situations by voice conveniently. At the same time, this case also realizes the mobile phone short message alarm function, At the same time, SMS alarm signals will be sent to multiple mobile phone numbers.
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