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Intelligent home security protection solution
2022-07-03 15:33:07

High-performance full HD camera platform provides flexible customization options for indoor and outdoor application scenarios
Fulianan Technology's smart one-stop smart home solution creates a wireless home security and video monitoring system.
The home intelligent security market has developed rapidly in recent years, and Fulianan Intelligent has accelerated product development. In addition to the mass production hardware platform equipped with high-performance 1080P full HD camera, it also includes a set of user-friendly Apple iPhone and Android smartphone applications, making remote home safety monitoring easy.
Fulianan smart home security system solution has simple installation and operation: just connect the device to the home network, and then configure it through Apple iPhone and Android smart phone applications.
HD live video: at the resolution of 1920x1080, you can view any details of what happens at home on your smart phone, without having to keep an eye on it.
7 * 24-hour monitoring and infrared night vision function: all-weather security monitoring allows you to feel at ease. You can also access the monitoring screen at any time through the smart app.
Instant high-definition video alarm: When an object is detected moving, the intelligent central control host will send an instant video alarm to your smartphone so that you can make the best response according to the situation.
Voice intercom: You can listen and talk through the camera using your smartphone.
It provides a fast lane for enterprise customers who want to enter the wireless home security and video surveillance system market. With its flexible software and hardware modular design, the platform can quickly customize various scenarios and applications.