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Smart home scenario mode solution
2022-07-03 15:27:11

Forlinkon Technology has developed ten systems and supporting products, including intelligent lighting, intelligent sunshade, intelligent security, intelligent door lock, intelligent household appliances, intelligent heating and ventilation, intelligent audio and video, environmental quality monitoring, and intelligent sleep monitoring. The purpose is to enable users to realize the interconnection and unified management of multiple brands of equipment on a unified control platform, and create a comfortable, safe, energy-saving, and convenient smart home life for users.
Five family life scenes
Home scene
When you come back from work or travel outside, just open the door gently with your fingerprint, the lights in the hallway, hallway and living room will light up automatically, the curtains will open slowly, and the background music will ring slowly... One key on provides general lighting for your daily life. Some unnecessary lighting will not be turned on, and you no longer need to run around to turn on the lights.
Video scene
When you need to watch TV or watch movies, switch to the TV scene. In the bedroom, only the wall lamp and the spotlights above the TV (or the light band in the TV background wall) are turned on. The effect is similar to the TV mode in the living room. Fulianan Intelligent brings you more comfortable and more wonderful audio and video effects.
Entertainment scene
When you and your family want to watch a movie at home, just press the button to turn on the video mode in the living room, and the high-definition player, AV amplifier, projector, and electric screen will all open automatically. The curtain will be pulled up slowly, and the light will be adjusted to the best state, so that you can enjoy the movie at home.
Romantic scene
Dining table pendant lamp dimming 30%, wall lamp dimming 10%, curtain opening, screen curtain closing, background music opening. Candlelight dinner is the highest level of romantic dining. In a romantic scene, the table chandelier dimly emits warm light, creating a scene similar to candlelight and creating the same romantic feeling.
Departure scene
When you want to go out, you can turn off all the electrical equipment in the room with one button through the "leaving home scene", which can not only eliminate the waste of electricity and potential electrical safety hazards caused by forgetting to turn off the lights and TV, but also save your precious time and give you a pleasant travel mood.