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One room, one hall smart home solution
2022-07-03 15:35:35

Room type: one room, one hall (bedroom, living room)
System functions: intelligent security control system, intelligent curtain control system, intelligent induction control system, intelligent lighting control system, background music control system
Fulianan Intelligent is a smart home control system tailored for each family based on the smart home device of the house type. One machine in hand, the whole house in control.
Intelligent security control system
The intelligent security monitoring system is composed of camera monitoring, remote monitoring, security detector alarm and network alarm technology to build a multi-layer protection network to realize the family living environment; 360 ° safety monitoring without dead angle. Junzhi intelligent security, visual intercom, smoke detection, remote monitoring, door magnetic detection, gas detection, intelligent door lock, etc.
Intelligent curtain control system
The smart curtain can be controlled by remote control, mobile phone or hanging smart switch. The smart curtain in many ways greatly facilitates the householder.
Intelligent induction control system
The intelligent sensing system adds security to the family. For example, gas detectors can detect natural gas, liquefied gas, and coal gas. If there is leakage, they can give an alarm. If someone enters the house to steal, they can provide an alarm to tell you that someone is "messing with" at home. Smoke sensors are installed in the kitchen. When the concentration of smoke exceeds the standard, they will give an alarm. All alarms are linked with the lighting system. When the alarm occurs, the whole villa will be lighted to remind the owner
Intelligent lighting control system
You can control the light brightness through mobile phone, remote control and hanging smart switch. You can choose reading mode, entertainment mode and rest mode. The important thing is that people go dark, people come light,,, your life, your light, you choose.
Background music control system
The background music system can provide background music for the whole family, which can enable different rooms to listen to different music (or sound source), and meet the needs of each family member to like different music. Lyrics, DJ, romance, happiness or sadness, as long as you like, will present you with a visual feast.