SuperLED Lighting



Offline smart store solution
2022-07-03 14:52:28

For clothing stores, lighting is an important prerequisite for changing the environment in the store and setting off clothes. The Junzhi self-induced lighting system can automatically supplement light according to the indoor lighting environment, so as to achieve the most appropriate illumination.
In addition, the manager will set the commuting time (10:00-22:00), and the lights will be turned on automatically during working hours, and will be turned off automatically at other times. If you encounter an emergency during the holiday break, you can operate remotely on the app.
Intelligent cameras are deployed inside and outside the store for all-weather protection.
The intelligent camera at the door monitors the traffic around the clock. With the monitoring of the traffic entering the store, the manager can easily know the traffic in different time periods and the traffic converted into the store.
The real-time monitoring video function of the indoor camera can view the monitoring pictures in the store anytime and anywhere. When a dangerous situation occurs, an audible and visual alarm will be sent and pushed to the mobile phone in time.
In the future, with the maturity and popularization of intelligent AI technology, there are more technologies that are worthy of our application, which can bring more interesting and effective competitiveness to offline stores. At the same time, its unique offline humanized service experience is also its irreplaceable unique advantage.