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ForLinkon Intelligent "contactless interaction" helps enterprises fight the epidemic
2022-07-03 16:44:19

At present, the country has entered a critical period of epidemic prevention and control, and the tide of resumption of work in various places has gradually begun. Collective work cannot be avoided after resumption of work. How can we achieve "no contact infection" in a relatively closed space? How can we protect employees' health and mood more effectively?
Fulianan's intelligent solutions provide enterprises with a contactless interactive way, which can be effectively brought into the prevention and control management of various enterprise office areas, and bring employees a safer, intelligent and convenient office experience.
Intelligent temperature measurement+face recognition
Adhering to the monitoring of temperature measurement is one of the most effective pre-prevention and control methods, but the traditional one-to-one temperature measurement method with hand-held temperature gun has great disadvantages. Not only is the monitoring efficiency low, the labor cost high, the risk of infection of the monitoring personnel high, but also the data retention is poor and the global visibility is low, which cannot further assist the overall prevention and control work.
Fulianan Intelligent provides a non-contact temperature measurement scheme: install an intelligent temperature measurement channel under the office building, bind it with the identity information of the office staff of the building, face recognition access, rapid identification of personnel information, improve the efficiency of verification, and ensure rapid customs clearance. The temperature measurement accuracy is ± 0.5 ℃. The temperature measurement data is uploaded to the background data management and updated in real time. The temperature of personnel can also be tracked later.
When an employee comes to the company's door, the living body monitoring face recognition access control+intelligent attendance punch machine at the door, dynamic face recognition can achieve zero delay, accurate capture within 1-3 meters, and can be opened without touching any office door and automatic attendance punch. Automatic sensors are installed in the indoor access control. When employees want to go out, close to the sensor door and automatically open the door without manual push and pull, so as to achieve true zero contact.
In addition to face recognition, the QR code access control can also realize "contactless" door opening, send the QR code to the employee's mobile phone, and limit the effective number and timeliness of the QR code. After the number or the specified time, the QR code will become invalid.
PHIT active air purifier+air quality monitoring
The office space is a relatively closed space. Centralized office increases the risk of infection, and at the same time, it also makes employees panic. The air quality in space is an important part of enterprise epidemic prevention.
PHIT active air purifier can continuously purify, disinfect and sterilize the air and object surface, and the aerosol transmission for new coronavirus has more real-time killing effect. Moreover, it can eliminate TVOC such as formaldehyde/benzene and ultrafine particles (PM2.5 and smaller particles). The purification factor produced by PHIT active air purifier can actively kill bacteria and viruses in the air and effectively prevent cross infection. Using technology to imitate the way of natural air purification, it can regulate and disinfect itself. Purifying particles are produced throughout the whole space, actively decomposing various harmful substances, eliminating bacteria and viruses, and preventing air transmission.
The applicable area of the desktop PHIT active air purifier is 30-300 ㎡, which is applicable to different office areas. PHIT active air purifier has the characteristics of no need to clean, no need to replace consumables, and no need for special maintenance during the use period.
For office space, public business space, family home space and PHIT active air purifier, they will play an effective role in curbing pollutants, bacteria and viruses.
The air quality monitoring system installed in the office area integrates PM2.5, formaldehyde, VOC, temperature, humidity and other detection parameters, which can detect the indoor air quality in real time. The detection data can evaluate the indoor environment in real time and display the data, so that employees can really understand the air they breathe.
Employees are reassured and work more efficiently.