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Smart home solution with four rooms and two halls
2022-07-03 15:42:11

Room type: four rooms and two halls (master bedroom, guest bedroom, dining room, living room, kitchen, toilet)
System functions: intelligent home appliance control system, intelligent curtain control system, background music control system, intelligent lighting control system, intelligent security control system, intelligent sensing system, intelligent environment system
Fulianan Smart Home Smart Home adopts advanced Internet of Things technology, intelligent control technology, cloud service technology, and an intelligent office ecosystem composed of software and hardware systems and cloud computing to realize the connection and sensing of things.
Intelligent home appliance control system
Mobile phone or scene panel remote control smart switch appliances, users can control all electrical equipment and video and audio systems in the home by lying on the sofa.
When the user leaves home, just press the "leave home" mode to automatically turn off all electrical appliances, to ensure the safety of electricity use at home and prolong the service life of electrical appliances, energy conservation and environmental protection.
Intelligent curtain control system
The new intelligent curtain system retains the traditional hand opening and closing function;
At the same time, it can also remotely and freely control the opening and closing of mobile phones. More importantly, it combines automatic light sensing, timing opening and closing and scene control;
Bring users a comfortable, convenient and healthy life
Intelligent background music system
The background music system can provide background music for the whole family, which can enable different rooms to listen to different music (or sound source), and meet the needs of each family member to like different music. Multi-channel automatic playback, which can be played automatically according to the pre-arranged playlist, and played regularly to realize music playback in different rooms at different times.
Intelligent lighting control system
The lighting system mainly consists of fluorescent lamps, chandeliers and spotlights, which can be adjusted to meet different needs. The lights will be adjusted according to different situations, for example, when watching a movie, the lights will be dimmed automatically. Just touch a button to produce a preset lighting effect, which is very convenient to use. It uses wireless technology without wiring.
Intelligent security system
The intelligent security monitoring system is composed of camera monitoring, remote monitoring, security detector alarm and network alarm technology to build a multi-layer protection network to realize the family living environment;
360 ° safety monitoring without dead angle. Intelligent setting of security sensor, alarm device, door magnetic window magnetic, etc., to realize remote deployment and removal management, and realize intelligent intrusion alarm notification;
With the deployment of remote high-definition wireless cameras, you can remotely monitor the security of your home at any time, no matter how long you are away from home.
Intelligent induction system
The intelligent sensor control system can establish intelligent linkage with other intelligent devices as a trigger condition for other device actions. (Take the gas and gas in the home as an example. When the gas sensor senses that the gas concentration exceeds the standard, the gas valve can be linked to automatically close the gas. At the same time, the automatic window pusher can be linked to open the window for ventilation, so as to eliminate the hidden danger in the home in time and ensure the safety of the gas in the home.)
Intelligent environment system
The intelligent environment monitoring system can monitor the indoor air through temperature, humidity and light sensors, and feedback the detection results in real time. It can adjust the indoor air to the best state by combining the linkage air conditioner, air purifier and other equipment;
Cooperate with intelligent equipment such as intelligent trash cans and intelligent sweepers to keep the air and other sanitation in the home clean and healthy!
Home mode When the user returns home, he only needs to preset the "home mode" in the mobile phone or scene panel, the light curtain in the home will be automatically opened, the air conditioner will be turned on to the appropriate temperature, the background music will automatically play light and beautiful music, and all devices are welcoming the host home.
Sleep mode When you need to go to bed at night, you don't need to turn off the light TV at all. Just press the "Sleep mode" curtain on the scene panel at the head of the bed to turn off automatically. When the air conditioner is turned on to fit the sleep temperature, the TV will turn off automatically, and other lights except the night light will turn off automatically. Background music automatically plays music for a period of time, so that users can sleep in wonderful music.
In leave mode, the curtain will be automatically closed, the lights will be turned off, all electrical appliances will be turned off one by one, and the home security system will be turned on automatically, so that you can leave home at ease.