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Causes and treatment methods of gas alarm always ringing
2022-07-03 19:24:44

When we find that the gas alarm in our home has been ringing and the red light is on, we should first turn on the exhaust fan to maintain ventilation and prevent human body from inhaling too much gas and endangering health, and report for repair as soon as possible under the premise of ensuring our own safety, and let a professional teacher come to the site for inspection.
In addition to the gas concentration reaching the alarm value, the alarm may also cause false alarm.
Turn off the gas first, keep the indoor ventilation, add proper soap in the clean water, and then put soap water on the gas hose and pipe connector to observe whether there are bubbles, if any, it is air leakage. If no leakage point is found, you can turn off the alarm by yourself, and then use alcohol, vinegar, etc. to test whether the alarm is caused by volatile gas. If the above methods are not solved, you should contact the gas company for disposal as soon as possible.