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ForLinkon Intelligent participated in Shenzhen International Work Environment Design and Application Exhibition
2020-10-08 14:22:24

In August, Shenzhen Exhibition Hall 7 held the first "International Working Environment Design Application Exhibition".
This is not a simple office industry exhibition, but a workspace design application exhibition based on commercial real estate and working environment.
In the era of Office 4.0 (that is, the "Internet of Things" era of office), the global business logic and business model are undergoing tremendous changes: on the one hand, commercial real estate is entering the "era of ownership and operation" from the "era of stock and development"; On the other hand, customers pay more and more attention to the working environment, and the design of office space is more and more diversified and open, while the working environment of traditional commercial real estate is difficult to meet their pursuit of office quality.
Commercial real estate and work environment service providers should have the ability to upgrade traditional office software and hardware, and be good at building "digital physical office" with the help of office environment design to meet users' needs for a new work environment. In this exhibition hall, Sidu, Junzhi Intelligent and other suppliers jointly created a complete and modern "ideal office" scene and presented it to the audience in the form of an exhibition. Fulianan Intelligence is responsible for the "intellectualization" part.
In the ideal office space in the future, it can not only promote the communication and cooperation between people, but also meet the needs of users for privacy and leisure.
In this complex space, which is not only an exhibition of space concepts, but also can meet the actual office use, Fulianan Intelligent has adopted the overall space AI+iot and intelligent system, covering intelligent lighting, intelligent dimming, conference reservation, scene mode, environmental monitoring and other intelligent systems, providing a good sense of future office space experience for the participants.
On the spot, we also set up a product exhibition area to let the exhibitors better understand the forlinkon products.