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ForLinkon Intelligence actively participated in the national epidemic prevention
2021-05-06 14:22:24

The COVID-19 in Shenzhen has rebounded since the end of May, and the situation of prevention and control is grim. With the upgrading of control measures, the whole nation carried out nucleic acid screening, resulting in the shortage of materials and manpower.
"When one side is in trouble, the eight sides support" is not only the integrity of national enterprises, but also the fine tradition of our Chinese nation. Faced with the shortage of materials and manpower, all sectors of society have extended a helping hand. As a private enterprise, Guangzhou Junzhi Intelligent always keeps in mind the corporate responsibility and mission of "creating value and serving the society".
Due to the wide scope of the street area and many duty points, the ten communities are relatively scattered, the roads are closed and the trucks can not enter the community neighborhood committee. There are many kinds of anti-epidemic materials, with an average of 120 tons in and out every day. From the distribution of materials, it usually takes four or five hours to distribute the goods to the communities after loading, and more than 24 hours a day to distribute the goods, with the party members rushing ahead We will work together to ensure the timely delivery of materials. The vehicle support personnel are both drivers and porters. We work hard and work hard.
More and more volunteers voluntarily joined in to build a healthy pattern of orderly participation of all sectors of society in epidemic prevention and control, and help to form a strong joint force of joint prevention and control and mass prevention and control.