SuperLED Lighting
EU/US WIFI Smart RGB Scene light Switch


Basic Function:
App Remote Control: Support iOS (8.0 and above) and Android (4.1 and above) phone or tablet. Add, delete your smart switch, and turn ON/OFF, schedule it. Multiple languages are supported;
Compatible with Alexa, Google Home: This smart switch works with Alexa and Google Home. After defining a name, such as "bedroom light switch", you can use voice control it by saying "Alexa, turn on the bedroom light";
WiFi Connection (2.4G ONLY): It connects to the WiFi router directly, no hub is required. Please note that only 2.4G is support;

Advanced Function:
IFTTT Control: Works with IFTTT to control the smart switch according to your conditions;
Repeat Schedule: Repeat schedule is available. You can create a schedule to turn your whole home's switches off before go to bed at night;
Group Control: Create a group to control different home devices at the same time;
Mode Control: Create different modes in the App, and control it according to different modes;
Share Devices: You can share the devices to your family, and then different people can control it without setting up again.

◆Dimensions: 86 x 86 x44mm
◆Material: ABS+PC
◆Voltage: AC100V~240V
◆Wattage: 800 watts
◆Amperage Capacity: 10A
◆Maximum Power: 800 watts
◆Type of Bulb: CFL/Halogen/Incandesce/LED

◆WiFi EU/US Scenelight Touch Switch;
◆ APP name:Tuya Smart, Smart Life 
◆ Work with Amazon Alexa/Google Assistance
◆ Work Voltage: AC110-240V
◆ Wifi Frequency: 2.4GHz
◆ Power Load: 800W/gang
◆ Lamp Power:2W RGB+W
◆ Color: White
◆ Installation Notice: Must have fire line and neutral line
◆ Support all Tuya smart product Linkage control

Package Info:
◆1 x SSMS86-01AI RGB Scene Light Switch
◆1 x Switch plate
◆1 x Install accessories
◆1 x Quick installation guide

Turn off power at circuit breaker or fuse box and test that power is off before wiring.(Please switch the light several times to make sure that the power has been disconnected;
Remove the existing switch and identify the wires with wire labels;
Install the smart wall switch and connect the wires as required;
Tuck the wires into the wall box leaving room for the smart switch. Using the screws provided, mount the smart switch to the wall box. Be careful not to crush any wires; (Note: Avoid overtightening the screws.)
Install the wall plate, turn main power on at the circuit breaker, and test the switch by pressing the button;
If it doesn't work, please check:
a, if the wiring is correct;
b, if the power is restored.
If it works, add the switch to the app following the "Quick Setup"

Quick Setup
Please open the app, and then tap '+' in the top right corner to enter "Add device(Accessory)" page. Select"Smart Wall Switch", and add it according to instructions.
* If the connection fails please move the hub closer to the switch, connect to power and try again.
A certain amount of electrical knowledge is required to install a smart wall switch. For your safety, we recommend that you ask a qualified electrician to help you install it;
This product is for indoor use only; do not use it in humid environment;
Do not install this product near a heat source;
IMPORTANT!: This Smat Switch is rated for and intended to only be used with copper wire.
Before you install
This product is only used to replace a single pole switch than a 3-way switch.

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