SuperLED Lighting
Tuya Smart Ball Door Lock
Fingerprint, password, Bluetooth APP, temporary password, time-effective password and mechanical key


Six unlocking methods: fingerprint, password, graffiti Bluetooth APP, temporary password, time-effective password, and mechanical key.                                         
Number of fingerprint groups: 40, number of password groups: 40, number of Bluetooth groups: unlimited. 
Wire-free all-metal modular clutch structure, high-quality motor drive principle, safer than solenoid valve drive principle clutch. The wiring free structure is more convenient to install, and the modular structure makes the product more stable and reliable.   
The standard 800mA rechargeable removable lithium battery can be used for 1500 times of charging.                                                       
Live voice navigation;                                     
Normally open mode selection;                                         
Switch between Chinese and English;    
Function introduction of Tuya Bluetooth APP:
1. Standard 60MM single tongue lock (liner size)
Optional 50MM lock, 70MM lock, 60-70MM adjustable lock (liner size)
2. There is a mechanical emergency lock cylinder, which can be used for both emergency unlocking and mechanical forced restoration of factory settings;
3. Applicable door thickness: 38-55MM (door thickness beyond the range needs to be explained)
4. Four colors of oxide can be matte black, coffee red, champagne gold, and sanded silver;
5. Material: profile aluminum;                             
6. Cylinder diameter: 66.66MM;                                 
7. Packaging: standard advanced gift box packaging, engineering simple packaging optional
8. Single set gross weight: 0.96 KG, one box gross weight: 16.40 KG
9. Inner box size: 19.8 * 14.3 * 7.8CM, outer box size: 41 * 30 * 34CM 16 sets/box

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