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WiFi Smart Pet Auto Feeder


Tuya WiFi Smart Automatic Pet Feeder Pet Auto Feeder with Built-in Camera
◆Tuya Smart WiFi Automatic Pet Feeder with Built-in Camera
◆ APP: Tuya Smart, Smart Life
◆ With built in camera; 
◆ H.264 Real time;
◆1/2.7" CMOS 1080P 2MP Sensor
◆Standard Lens:2.8mm;
◆Power supply included: 5V, 1A;
◆The number of meals is 1-6 meals;
◆The capacity of the grain barrel is 3L;
◆The grain is suitable for various dry foods with a diameter of 2-10mm;
◆Working temperature is -10 degrees -40 degrees,

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