SuperLED Lighting
RGB LED Pixel Light
IP68 waterproof, DMX512 protocol, support breakpoint continuation


8CM full-color LED point light source:
Size: D80mm * H20mm
Input voltage: DC24V (output voltage of LED switching power supply)
Rated power: 3W/pcs
San'an chip, SMD5050, 12 lamps/pc
Luminous flux: 180LM/pc
Color temperature: RGB illusion full color. Support breakpoint continuation
Wiring mode: double-ended. The distance between two lamps is 1m
Material: transparent plane mask
Package: neutral package, 20 pieces/string
Each light has a built-in IC, and the whole series of lights can realize the effects of chasing, running, running water, and gradual change after being connected to the controller and switching power supply
Waterproof: IP68 outdoor waterproof and rainproof

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