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Enhancing Convenience, Comfort, and Security through Intelligent Automation and Remote control.

  • Door & Window Status Sensor

    Wirelessly guarding doors and windows, not afraid of thieves' thoughts

  • Intelligent Air Quality Detector

    Used for indoor air quality detection, including carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity, with high stability. With advanced Zigbee wireless technology, users can learn about home air quality anytime and anywhere, and timely connect with corresponding air quality improvement equipment.

Company Introduction

Shenzhen ForLinkon Technology Co.,Ltd.

Shenzhen ForLinkon Technology Co., Ltd., is a leading global provider of products, services and integrated solutions in the field of Smart Homes, LED Lighting and Intelligent Fire protection products.

The products are committed to making WiFi/Zigbee/BLE/Z-wave/RF and other wireless intelligent technologies perfectly integrated into the fields of traditional home, fire equipment, security and LED lighting, so as to achieve an intelligent, environment-friendly, convenient and private life experience.

The core products include LED Lights, Smart Sensors, Intelligent Fire Detectors, Intelligent smoke, gas, water immersion, door magnet, temperature and humidity, human motion sensor, alarm, intelligent switch, on-off device, socket, intelligent door lock, intelligent LED tube spotlights and other intelligent products in the whole house.

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What services do we provide?

In the development wave of IoT(Internet of Everything) Smarts, ForLinkon Technology makes a comprehensive assessment based on the industry, development strategy and stage, enterprise competitiveness, enterprise resources, team status and other aspects, and gives a comprehensive wireless intelligent solution.


It serves manufacturing enterprises of various AIOT devices, provides embedded software solutions based on chip and module forms, and gets through the last mile of the integration of AI technology and the Internet of Things in practical applications.


It is committed to providing various end customer human-computer interaction products, Smart sensors, alarms, remote controllers, controllers, sockets and other products in the terminal application market, and solving the after-sales service needs of users' intelligent products.


It is committed to serving customers' one-stop demand for the design, development and manufacturing of Internet of Things products, and providing the formulation and construction of solutions in the fields of whole house wireless smart home, smart hotel, smart elderly care, smart office, etc.

ForLinkon, make your home Smarter and Life Simpler

We offer high quality products

All in one APP

No matter where the user is, they can easily control their devices at home.

Security Enhance

When the sensor detects an danger, it immediately sends an alarm to the user.

Energy Saving

Intelligent products can automatically adjust and switch household electrical devices

Automation Service

Help improve the quality of life by providing personalized & automated servicesc

Powerful, Safe, Stable IoT technology

WiFi protocol
ZigBee protocol
BLE & Mesh protocol
Z-Wave iconZ-wave protocol
NB-Lot &LoRa protocol

WiFi protocol

WiFi has become an indispensable part of our lives. The transmission distance is about 50 meters, and the transmission power is about 80 mW. Its advantages are wide application, relatively simple connection, fast transmission rate and timely response of equipment. The disadvantage is that there cannot be too many online devices at the same time. Generally, there are more than ten or twenty devices, and it is easy to be disconnected. In particular, some domestic operation lines have restrictions on the number of people using the home network. The power consumption is also relatively large, and the equipment generally needs to be powered separately, such as USB, rechargeable batteries, etc.

  • Seamless communication

  • High popularity

  • Large bandwidth

  • Transmission distance

Zigbee protocol

ZigBee communication protocol is one of the most widely used communication protocols in home intelligent terminals on the market. Its scope is larger than BLE, but its data rate is lower than BLE. The advantages lie in low power consumption, interconnection between devices, and no mutual influence between other devices when a single device is disconnected. The gateway acts as an intermediate station to send and receive information transmitted between terminals. The cellular network is formed between devices, which can connect more than 200 nodes at most. It can meet general family scenarios and is favored by major integrators and intelligent manufacturers.

Bluetooth BLE & Mesh protocol

Low power Bluetooth protocol is called Bluetooth BLE for short, which is also a kind of Bluetooth. In general, BR/EDR Bluetooth before Bluetooth 3.0 is called traditional Bluetooth, while LE Bluetooth under Bluetooth 4.0 is called low-power Bluetooth. The advantages of Bluetooth connection mode are low power consumption and fast transmission rate. The disadvantage is that the transmission distance is relatively short, generally 5-10 meters, and the communication between devices is also point-to-point (but Bluetooth MESH can be networked for transmission). Therefore, it will be used more on intelligent wearable devices, such as smart bracelet Bluetooth headset, etc.

Z-wave protocol

Z-Wave is another proprietary choice. It is a wireless mesh network communication protocol based on low-power RF technology. Like Bluetooth and Wi Fi, Z-Wave enables smart devices to communicate via encryption, thus providing a certain degree of security for the deployment of the Internet of Things. It is mainly used for home automation products and security systems, as well as commercial applications, such as energy management technology. The radio frequency of the United States is 908.42 MHz; However, the frequency varies from country to country.

NB-Lot & LoRa protocol

LoRa is a long-distance radio. Its biggest feature is that it can spread farther than other wireless methods under the same power consumption. It realizes the unity of low power consumption and long distance. It can expand the distance of traditional radio frequency communication by 3-5 times under the same power consumption. One LoRa gateway can connect thousands of LoRa nodes. The transmission distance can reach 2-5 km in towns and 15 km in suburbs. NB IoT narrowband Internet of Things is a cellular network connection technology specially built for the Internet of Everything. It coexists with existing networks, and can be directly deployed on GSM, UMTS or LTE networks, that is, 2/3/4G networks, to achieve reuse of existing networks, reduce deployment costs, and achieve smooth upgrading.